Aug 17 2006

Goodbye Ned, Welcome Back Joe

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It seems Ned Lamont has had his moment and will soon be an asterisk in the history books. The latest poll from Quinnipiac shows Lieberman with over 50% in a three-way race and ahead of Lamont by 12%. I feel for Alan Schlessinger – the Rep candidate. From what I have seen he is pretty good, especially in facing down Chris Mathews because Alan is so good at blackjack he is banned in some casinos from playing and enjoyed a $10K bet once. Mathews was all stunned anyone could bet that much. Guess Chris never watches the World Poker games on cable. But back to Lamont. Lamont represents the acid test for the far left. They have now labeled the Democrats (I would call it “tarring”) as the anti-war, surrender at any cost party. The Democrats embraced Ned one day before the UK bomb plot was exposed and they have to live with their decision. And that is the country is fed up with partisans. The Reps are having issues to this year. And it may be because of the partisanship more than anything else. Joe Lieberman represents cooler heads and less heated debate. Lieberman, like Bush, can be firm but respectful in his debate of issues. While the Dems go ape because Bush points to the threat of terrorism, Bush sees the daily threat news and we all know he is legitimately concerned, unlike the Dem’s PR campaigns. The middle is rising up and Lieberman is going to benefit from it. Progress over partisanship – keep that in mind. Do the right thing despite the political fallout. What better example of this than Joe Lieberman?

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  1. Carol_Herman says:

    Olmert may teach a lesson, here. Because he used up, in under five months, the trust the Israelis put in him. In other words, he drained away his own capital. My never changing his stipes.

    What do I expect for him? Tough sailing. Since he can go down on charges he stole his Jerusalem apartment by selling favors in exchange for something that was only personally beneficial. (Thereby saving Condi any disgrace.)

    That the lebanon situation was 80% sucessful for the Israelis? And, in spite of the fact that Israel did with with a minimum of warfare? And, a strong learning curve of newer, geurilla battle conditions? You bet.

    That the press is still antagonistic to Israel. Well, wasn’t Disengagement supposed to un-fang that one?

    In other words, you can see a political party that is WANTED by the majority of Israelis; but whose captain turned Kadima into the Titanic. Unless, insiders, espcially those who were cast aside when Olmert went about building his “dream team,” which is really a nightmare. Just leaves very few choices in place.

    If he stays, the party suffers. Because the public is that angry!

    If he goes? He’s gotta resign. And, that’s where the pressure is being put. On him. On Halutz for selling his entire stock portfolio before going to war. And, on Amir Peretz, who sits on a branch of a diseased tree. How to get them all out?

    Give Halutz a ribbon. And, force him to “retire.” Or let him go to jail for INSIDER TRADING. Either way. The public won’t let him survive to lead the IDF another day when Lebanon turns hot, again.

    What a mess. All because Olmert grabbed at the UN, and revived it. Instead of “waiting” for #1701 to fall into place. How so? By making small withdrawal steps; instead of big ones.

    Were steps necessary? YES. Tanks broke down and couldn’t be fixed under fire. Halutz bought all the air force toys up to day. But let the Merkeva’s crap in the field. Not updating anything. Machinery that’s ten years old. And, not outfitted for today’s combat. (Which, what did they know? Was Israel aware russians were selling the latest anti-tank missiles? Russia’s always involved with arabs. Selling them sophisticated war toys.)

    Anyway, I don’t think Olmert’s going to sit all that long in the PM’s chair. If he thinks he is, then he and his wife get tossed out their apartment window. For dishonest dealings to enrich themselves. His being a lawyer won’t help him. Lawyers are nasty when they apply pressure, outside the courtroom, to bounce weaker lawyers around. And, toss them not only out the windows, but to pick their pockets, and the pockets of their clients, at the exact same time.)

    Up ahead? What do I know? Could Livni become PM? It would be her calls, then, to make. And, Shimon Peres, who has a “perenial seat #2 glued to his behind,” will see Bibi back. And, the Labor in general, will have to cope with re-assigned portfolios. And, a returning Avigdor Lieberman as well.) Whoever holds Livni’s old Education portfolio is also bounced to hell. And, gone.

    What can Amir Peretz do, now? He can call for all the Labor MK’s to abandon the government. But under what powers? He’s got more enemies within Labor, than Olmert even has within Kadima. And, that’s something special.

    How does this affect the GOP? Well? Condi’s not on anyone’s short-list anymore for presidential timber status. More like dead wood. She can eventually go back to Stanford, I suppose? Or become president at haarvard, which isn’t much of an honor, either. Though haarvard did turn down algore.

    The GOP’s dreaming conservatives. Who always look at GOP victories, and claim “it’s ALL for them,” may become discouraged? Because I don’t see the religious right, here, making any gains. (While, yes. In Israel I do.) It’s interesting how many lessons sit out there to learn. Different ones for Israel, than for Karl Rove.

    What’s ahead? Hard to say. Given that all of the future is locked in probabilities; meaning outcomes hinge on … outcomes. Plans go up in smoke when they meet reality.

    That’s why it’s good to have a whole list of options.

    Among them? Dealing with the propaganda flaws of the MSM. Where the Internet grows in strength this is a battle already enjoined.

    Dealing with the UN. Well? Do they get to substitute nasrallah’s useless missiles, with human flesh? Sitting there forbidding the Israelis to see them as targets? While they help Israel’s enemies?

    I’m not sure.

    To win wars ya gotta kill an awful lot of people. Culling the herd helps. And, Israel’s not gonna sit idly by as the the UN mounts up to do their anti-Semitic routines by their playbook. Why not? Bibi’s closer to the levers of power in Israel than you think.

    And, Bush? He’s in control at the UN. And, Kofi’s turn at their wheel is almost over. Diplomatic-pants-dancing may take a novel turn; as Bolton beats the behinds of those twirling on the pole. And, rips them new a-openings. As in another opening. Another show. I’d bet ya Bush right now is fit to be tied. Given that a weak Olmert has been a disaster, at the very front where we need to move FORWARD.

    On the other hand, up ahead, the weather gets better. The tanks get repaired. And, the Israelis remain angry and motivated. Nasrallah parades? At least he’s out in the open. Fewer bunkers. And, next time he doesn’t live past a few moments of the next shot. Which he won’t dictate, either. Siniora? Nasrallah wants to kill him. Syonnara? Well, till another day makes the options, ahead, clearer.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    Another aspect that few have commented on, is that the CT voters have seen the reversal, compared to his campaign of Corzine in NJ. Any realistic voter would have their sceptism factor pushed up a notch or two by his actions.