Aug 15 2006

Dems Ready To Punish Lieberman Into GOP

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What would be worse than Lieberman beating Lamont in November – as seems likely? The Dems throwing such a fit they strip Lieberman of his seniority and chasing him right into the GOP caucus. – As reader Merlin points out this action was demanded by Kos right after the primary. Who says the Dems aren’t bowing to their anti-war wing?

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4 Responses to “Dems Ready To Punish Lieberman Into GOP”

  1. ordi says:

    Now we know why the Dems want to bring the troops him, they can’t fight TWO wars at the same time!

    They can’t fight The Battle for Iraq and the “Battle for the Democratic Party” at the same time! LOL

    Hey Didn’t the Dems tell us they were united? Guess not! They lied to the American people once again.

  2. When Jeffords defected, weren’t we beaten about the head and shoulders with stories about how the defection proved Bush was an extreme politician that cared more about pushing through a right wing agenda than retaining a good, loyal Republican (Jeffords)?

    The Hill article says: “Democrats are worried that Lieberman may be giving Republicans a golden opportunity to undermine their message.” Funny, no one at the DNC complained about Lamont’s outside support undermining Lieberman.

  3. MerlinOS2 says:

    An important point to remember here is that the first person to suggest this choice of action was none other than Kos himself the morning after the primary.

  4. az redneck says:

    Joe is too principled to ever vote except as a very liberal democrat. Too bad!