Aug 15 2006

Stopping Attacks Makes Us Less Secure?

The illogic coming out of the Democrat Spin Machine makes me think the Spin Machine has some major screws lose. Democrats keep using the UK Airline Terror Plot as an indication that Bush has made America less safe.

Seeking to counter White House efforts to turn the reported terrorist plot in Britain to Republican advantage, Democrats are using the arrests of the suspects to try to show Americans how the war in Iraq has fueled Islamic radicalism and distracted Mr. Bush and the Republican Congress from shoring up security at home.

The article has more soundbites than a rabid dog, but that doesn’t salvage the sheer stupidity of this tactic. And that is all it is – a communications PR tactic. There is no vision behind this other than CYA for the Dems myopic and opportunistic alliance with the anti-war left. Everyone knows 9-11 was hatched and started under Bill Clinton’s administration. I am not blaming Clinton one bit, he had as much to do with the rise of Islamo Fascism as Bush did. But the first 9-11 highjackers reached these shores before the 2000 election was even held. So the BS coming out of the Democrats and being carried by their pawns in the liberal news media is stunning in only one way: how stupid can these people be?

Here is the best response to these people: have the Democrats PROVE, beyond any reasonable doubt, that there would have been no UK Airline Terror Plot (or similar action) after 9-11 if we had followed their policies (whatever those were, since they have never offered anything concrete since 9-11). In situations of real life and death we don’t need people acting like that lame wizard Gilderoy Lockhart from the second Harry Potter movie-book (The Chamber of Secrets) who is constantly claiming “I could have done better”.

But after years of vague claims and empty platitudes from the Democrats on national security this pretty much seals the case against them. The lefties exposed the NSA efforts to monitor terrorists overseas and their contacts here in the US. The NSA passed these leads to the FBI to deal with in terms of the FIS Court, but that is not what was reported. Somehow the NY Times got the idea the NSA bypassed the FIS Court!

The good news is the terrorists tried to operate out of London where their security people are allowed to defend the country from attack. Our NY Times is against such efforts since they are afraid they might be listened in on. The lefties then exposed the finance transaction monitoring program – while admitting it was legal and effective. And so now it is still legal, but much less effective. The lefties raged against these common sense efforts and now have the audacity to claim the actual thwarting of a serious attack that could rain down 3,000 bodies on our cities is a sign we are less secure.

Gibberish and hogwash. Bush did not create Islamo Fascism – Saddam Hussien and his ilk did. The propaganda in the despot ME dictatorships was sophisticated and modeled off Soviet Russian and Nazi methodologies. Just like the Palestinians brainwash their kids from day one that the Jews are monkeys and the West is a corrupt cesspool, so did all the despots from Iran to Syria. The propaganda used to divert the frustrations and anger of the people from their own oppressors onto the West – were our lives look like story book versions of heaven – was how Islamo Fascism got its roots. It was not bringing democracy to the Balkans or the Afghans or the Iraqis that fueled this fire. We freed the Afghans from the Soviet Union and they still picked us as their prime target for 9-11. It was our EXISTENCE that created their hatred – fueled and aimed by bloody dictators.

Democrats will never, ever be offered the mantle of leadership in this country until they grasp these obvious and simple facts. This ridiculous PR campaign, which claims we are not secure after we stopped a major attack, is as ludicrous as the propaganda used to birth Islamo Fascism over the last 30+ years. We don’t need more foolish sound bites. We need serious, clear headed thinkers. All we get from the left are bad jokes and worse PR.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:


    They are playing to their “focus group” inspired base. Logic and common sense need not apply.

    Just as an exercise, if you had control of the dem agenda, what would you put forth to give them a message that could be supported?

    I have looked at this myself and see little they could come up with as a truely responsible political party, considering the current world/domestic situation.

    I have looked for seams they could really have a viable issue with, however a sit back and observe overview can’t come up with anything that the right has already expressed as areas that need to be addressed.

    They seem to have little they can really latch on to that could generate meaningful support, so spin and win is their choice of method.

    Sometimes ya gotta just flip the mirror to see their weakness.

  2. az redneck says:

    Great Harry Potter analogy! Unfortunately, our Republican leadership is not nearly so good in countering phony Dem claims, and 50% (or durn near) of the population BELIEVES their big lie approach–while describing the technique as Repubican.
    I would suggest a somewhat different explanation of the rise of Islamofacism. While the despots have certainly enabled and encouraged its rise as you suggest, why are the leaders and most extreme always clerics? They have made it integral to Islamic teachings of all sects–which the political structure gleefully accepts.
    Even OBL has the audacity to issue religous fatwas, recognizing that the clerics will pick up and expand that rhetoric.
    I would also point out that OBL borrows extensively from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion–that French/Russian forgery that both Hitler and Russia used so effectively beginning in 1905 to inflame their masses against the Jews. Everyone should read at least some of those ravings to understand the hatred that exists of both Israel and the west in general–all under the cloak of Islam.
    Islam is NOT the religion of peace that it claims, thanks to both the clerics and the political leadership of a billion people.

  3. Good Captain says:


    I saw a post on gateway pundit alluding to a possible target of the 3 recently arrested Palestinians w/ pictures of the Mackinac Bridge. If this is in fact true, this might have surpassed 9/11.