Aug 15 2006

Hezbollah Defies Agreement; Syrian Connection Established

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Hezbollah is going to defy the UN cease-fire, as expected. The Islamo Fascists think they have won something and they have no intent of settling back on their laurels. So Hezbollah will not be disarming as promised:

Last night, Hassan Nasrallah, the Hizbollah leader, said his men had achieved “a strategic, historic victory” over “a confused, cowardly and defea-ted” enemy. He said the militia would not disarm, as Israel and the UN Security Council were demanding. It would be “immoral, incorrect and inappropriate,” he said. “It is the wrong timing on a pyschological and moral level.”

Right on queue per the script. Once the UN Forces are placed in harms way the fighting will probably erupt again. Syria and Iran are not playing fore peace, they are playing for time. Nasrallah wants to see a real victory over Israel. And the Israelis are probably replanning their tactics in light of all the Syrian-Russian weapons that have been found in Lebanon.

Abandoned Hizbollah positions in Lebanon yesterday revealed conclusive evidence that Syria – and almost certainly Iran – provided the anti-tank missiles that have blunted the power of Israel’s once invincible armour.

Outside one of the town’s two mosques a van was found filled with green casings about 6ft long. The serial numbers identified them as AT-5 Spandrel anti-tank missiles. The wire-guided weapon was developed in Russia but Iran began making a copy in 2000.

Beyond no-man’s land, in the east of the village, was evidence of Syrian-supplied hardware. In a garden next to a junction used as an outpost by Hizbollah lay eight Kornet anti-tank rockets, described by Brig Mickey Edelstein, the commander of the Nahal troops who took Ghandouriyeh, as “some of the best in the world”.

Written underneath a contract number on each casing were the words: “Customer: Ministry of Defence of Syria. Supplier: KBP, Tula, Russia.”

This being a UK paper you have to excuse the hyperventilating and the concept that Israeli armor was ever ‘invincible’. There are tactics for every form of attack and Israel will adjust. Is this half time in the struggle? Who knows. Hezbollah took a pounding and lost all their ground. Their success will not be in dying in front of the IDF and IAF – which they did by the hundreds. It will be in defying the UN’s call to disarm. Because while the Israelis had to deal with some tough fighters with modern weapons, the UN is completely impotent. The French led UN forces will probably not be in any position to extract the weapons from Hezbollah, so in that sense they will win.

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  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    Russia has had enough of their own “issues” with Muslim “problems” yet they still supply directly or indirectly technology to Muslim states.

    Yuppers the old three card monty “enemy of my enemy” triangulation bit.

    One can only hope that eventually they will realize this support of their own problem children will make as much sense as “leaning into a good left hook”.

    Stir the pot, cook the goose, let the play begin.

    The good old death by a thousand cuts senario with more views than a house of mirrors with third party plausable deniability.

    Play enough games , put multiple pawns into motion to make it interesting.

    But when you loose track of the players because it is beyond your idea where it should have gone, the damage control will have to be severe.