Aug 14 2006

Follow The Money – Lieberman Will Win

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MSNBC is reporting a consensus among many political watchers that Joe Lieberman is going to have plenty of donations to fund his compaign against Lamont. For one, the pro-Israel lobby will probably do whatever it takes to defeat Lamont and his far left crowd who will want the US to withdrawl from Iraq and from Israel’s side (how many links do people want of liberal democrats slipping out their disgust with our alliance to Israel?). The pro-Israel lobby is more potent than anything Lamont will have, and other democrats will be wary to get to close to Lamont because it will be well known that the anti-war crowd sees it as an impeachable offense to support Israel. It is no surprise then that a majority of Lamont supporters in the primary agree Bush should be impeached. The nexus of these two groups is not coincidental. Most anti-war folks see our alliance to Israel as the root source of all problems. They will want us to retreat from Israel right after we run from Iraq (heck, Sheehan wants us out of New Orleans as well!).

So to all those Democrats who stood by Lamont the day after his primary win you will need to explain how you could support a candidate who’s followers believe it is a high crime to be an ally to Isreal. Can you face the pro-Israel lobby given the anti-Israeli stench coming from the far left fringes? Can you support a candidate who’s followers see Israel as the bane of the ME? Will your big donors follow you over this shortsighted cliff?

Addendum: Let’s have some of those links anyway, shall we? Here is a Green Party candidate in NY from Oct 2002 calling for NY to fully divest itself of investments in Israel because of their failure to comply with UN resolutions and their abuse of Palestinians. Here is Rep John Conyers in 2001 claiming Israel’s use of f-16 against the Palestinians was not a legal act of self defense. Conyers is the man ready to start impeachment hearings the minute the dems take control of the house and he has his new chairman’s gavel. Jesse Jackson and Isreal? Please. And Conyers met with a bunch of Lamont-class voters to hold pretend impeachment hearings in the Capital with a lot of anti-Israel discussions setting the tone. And while not typical, this person from Kos-land is probably a reasonable example of the Lamont follower. All they want is Israel’s immediate surrender to Hezbollah. Well, we shall see how this civil war inside the Democrat party pans out. But it would seem pro-Israel thought is as popular as making abortion illegal.

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  1. Carol_Herman says:

    Oh, I agree.

    Now, the day after election day? Do the donks, remembering that they’re short a guaranteed seat, go to Lieberman and ask him to rejoin their party?

    What if Karl Rove has already figured this out?

    You’re not going to grow the GOP by saying every GOP seat one is in favor of conservative values. Lieberman, switiching to the republican side, could, perhaps, even coax Jeffords into rejoining? And, that’s TWO UP for the GOPsters. Would the pot have to be sweetened? Sure. And, that means Arlen Spector’s seating in the chair on the judiciary committee wasn’t a fluke at all.

    But in politics, if you want to increase the size of your tent, you’ve got to consider HOW best to use Miracle-Gro.

    The other option? Ned Lamont drops out. Why not? He’s being asked to spread some of his fortune on his run. And, his engine’s out of steam. And, the wheels on his bus make it likely he bicycles home.

  2. Carol_Herman says:

    Yikes! Who put the bold tag on? Can it be removed? Please.

  3. AJStrata says:

    That would have been me!

    Cheers, AJStrata

  4. MerryJ1 says:

    A mention of Cindy Sheehan reminded me, and prompts this digression for the sake of a chuckle:

    WSJ’s “Best of the Web” (Taranto) included in the ‘comments about headlines’ bit, on an article about Sheehan being taken to a Waco hospital, “I thought we were supposed to call them mental health facilities.”