Aug 13 2006

UK Airline Plot And Lamont: A United America

Some articles today (H/T RCP) are showing how the Lamont debacle is going to impact the Democrats given the news of the massive airline terror plot that was stopped in the UK and the fact more terrorists are still out there. The first article is a clear headed discussion on the polarization of the two parties. While there is a pull to the extremes, the Reps have been a majority party for over a decade now and they are not as extreme as the democrats because, as their base broadens, so did the voices which bring subtle changes to different issues. The Democrats are going through the opposite change while their base is distilling down to a rabid core so full of vitriol and hate they repell more voters than they attract. The article accidentally supports my view when it predicts the results of these forces driving the two parties:

If so, the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008 is likely to be won by a candidate so far out on the fringe he (or she) can’t appeal to America’s mainstream.

Hello, President Romney.

Romney is clearly not a far right candidate, but I agree he or someone like him will lead the Reps in ’08. There is no indication the Democrats are becoming more centrists.

The second article is by Johnathan Chait and is another in a long series of pleading, whining, badgering articles from the left telling Joe Lieberman to get out of the race before he ruins everything. The ire from all those lefties who opposed Joe, insulted him (and his wife) is quite ironic. Did they think no one would ever oppose them once the won the primary or an election? Anyone remember Al Gore and the Texas redistricting and the last minute change out for Toricelli in NJ? People who believe dearly in something do not give up easily. Chait makes up so much stuff to prop up his argument against open democracy it is laughable – and a sign of panic. A confident party would go forward and show how strong their suport truly is. Apparently many on the left are a bit insecure.

The final article is also in the LA Times and discusses how Iraq will not save the Democrats. Why? Because the anti-Iraq stance is so anti-liberal. Strange arguement to me but it is another example of the left at odds with Lamont’s outraged kids. Actually, the first article summarizes this lasts articles points in a sentence, so I will snip from that first article to summarize the point:

(No one was talking about the loss of civil liberties or budget deficits or need for socialized medicine in those airport lines on Thursday.)

No we were not. But we were not talking much about Iraq either – I know, I was there. What we were talking about was standing tall in the face of it all. We were upbeat and connecting with each other. We were not fighting with each other. We were tearing down the partisan walls. And that is why the heavy partisanship is a bad idea right now. When being threatened Americans tend to stand together. And we definitely lose all patience with anyone trying to pull us apart with outrageous conspiracy theories.

The Lamont win was initially a headache for a party that needed unity but was left with a core element demanding purity. Now, with the realization that the War On Terror is not over – and the absolutely stupid claim that the foiled Airliner Plot shows Bush is not protecting us enough – the dynamics have turned Lamont from headache into nightmare. When the situation turns to wild theories that a foiled Airline Terror plot is evidence Bush failed to protect us, then the only conclusion any sane, serious person can come to is that the people who hold this view are not seeing things clearly. When threatened we prefer to stand together, not at each others throats.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    The last filed report with the FEC shows Lamont had total contributions of 4.1 mil, but of that total 2.5 mil came out of his own pocket!

  2. For Enforcement says:

    Talking about sound bites, Lamont was on FNS and didn’t answer a question. I can’t stand it when the questioner won’t pin these clowns down on anything, I guess they have to be nice to their guests or they won’t show up anymore.

    Question: is there a specific part of the patriot act you would like to see taken out. Answer, “well certainly there’s been a lot of talk about going after librarians and see what books, uh, Chris Wallace has checked out” Duh,
    Question: you were asked what you would do in Iraq if you were in the Senate right now. Answer; I would support the Kerry Feingold amendment that would have all troops out by next July.
    Question: Are you concerned about the Iraqi’s and what it would do to them if we let them down?(paraphraseing a little)
    Answer: well, look what’s happening to them now(As if that’s a bad thing, they still remember Saddam)

    What a clown, Far left Fringe

  3. adagio4strings says:

    Quite a few companies in CT, including Warren Kanders have made millions from the ‘war on terror’. Just as the new book comes out about just how much money these defense contract companies make, while hiring former generals to protect them from investigations and questions that might arise from their activities.

    If you research the the top companies listed on the stock exchange under ‘Defense Industry’ you will find they have made millions for the republicans and these industries. My guess is that you will also find quite a few campaign donations to Joe ‘back stabbing’ Lieberman from the same companies. He has backstabbed the men and woman in uniform and in Iraq by using rhetoric to keep them there under any and all circumstances. The intentional deceit that brought them there, a failed policy, lack of equipment, and lack or reality about what is really going on over there.

    Leiberman wants these men and women to accept the losses while these companies benefit from this war. They don’t care if these men and woman come home in boxes, without limbs, eyesight, the ability to support their family, and to run and play with their own children etc.

    They ONLY care about making money, and having absolute power while pushing democracy, the constitution and opposition under the wheels of their bus.

    They want to wave the flag, spew their “Pollyanna’ views on the Iraq smile and hope no one is looking at their feet where they are stomping on every REAL principle, the Constitution, the Geneva Convention—that America has ever stood for …And try to crush any TRUE American that does not buy into their craziness.

  4. AJStrata says:


    That is a really silly view of things. When you design a new plane or tank you want to have people who used these systems to help guide the design. The fact is Federal contractors are limited by law on how much profit they can make. While Coke may make 100% profit, DoD contractors make less than 10%. Clearly you have no idea what you are talking about.