Aug 11 2006

Santorum Calls Leakers “Traitors”

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Santorum is putting his re-election on the line by calling those who leaked how our national security efforts where monitoring terrorists to the media (and therefore to the terrorists) “Traitors”. This will put his Democrat challenger, Casey, into a real pickle. If Casey comes out agreeing the leaks were at least bad, then if the investigation leads into the Democratic side of Congress he will be in a real tough situation. If Casey attempts to minimize the leaks as nothing serious he will lose outright. Good political jujitsu move by Santorum.

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One Response to “Santorum Calls Leakers “Traitors””

  1. carol johnson says:

    Whoaaaa, Whoaaa, Whoaaa…

    Guess Santorum got tired of playing nice! It’s about freaking time!!! You know I just can’t wait until some of these “debates” start happening for the upcoming November elections. Do you think any of Hillary’s opponents have the same idea? She still refuses to answer direct questions about these leaks while her Republican opponents fight each other. It’s no wonder New York is a lock.