Jun 25 2005

Bolton Close to Recess Appointment

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It is becoming clear the democrats have no broad support in the country for their pathetic delaying tactics. After Dysmal Durbin’s slander on our military produced polls showing only the hard core liberals sided with him, Durbin was forced to retreat and show the dems are now the party of Silly Exaggerations (think Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks).

Captain’s Quarters posts on how the dems mindless obstructionism is causing even moderates to throw up their hands and give up. Bolton will probably get a recess appointment, the dems will predict doom and gloom, Bolton will take the job, none of the predictions of doom and gloom will transpire, and the dems will look foolish.

Rinse and Repeat.

I still believe the recess appointment is all win for Bush. Bolton goes to the UN to shake things up, the GOP base sees Bush fighting back on something that counts (to them), and the dems whine and complain again – focusing everyone’s attention on their long string of political losses. Like that’s going to help them.

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