Jun 25 2005

What Did Liberals Expect?

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The left is fixated on things of total irrelevance: all their political losses over the last 5 years. What was the BIG issues in 2000? The Florida recount. In 2001 prior to 9-11? Bush’s tax cuts and Enron. Post 9-11? Whether Afghanistan would be a quagmire like vietnam and moreo tax cuts. 2002? The GOP pushing through homeland security, but not allowing unfettered unionization of the work force – culminating in a string of southern democrat losses who supposedly had their patriotism questioned. 2003 Iraq. 2004, Iraq – but also the Ohio vote! 2005, Iraq and Ohio and Nazis and Gulags and..,

Never mind.

They tried the ‘Bush knew’ conspiracies, they tried the ‘tax cuts for Bush’s Enron buddies’ theories, they tried the Dick Clark ‘Bush did not see the warning signs’ angle. The list of theories and conspiracies they cooked up on Iraq is endless. Notice all these point to their failures to convince Americans of their positions. These are, one and all, the hit list of the left’s biggest failures to garner support.

After all this handwringing and baseless claims on Iraq, etc the left has the gall to be shocked when Karl Rove calls them in their own statements? Check out this post at Brainsters where Move On tries to pretend they never did nothing of the kind, ever….


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