Aug 03 2006

Sydney Blumenthal Leaks Classified NSA Information

Why would Sydney Blumenthal risk everything to publicize the fact he has been leaked – and is publicizing – classified information? The leftwing, anti-Israel sites are lapping this up. But my guess is Sydney just won himself an invite to a Grand Jury looking into leaks at the NSA:

A report by columnist Sidney Blumenthal in Salon claims that Israel is receiving intelligence from the US’s National Security Agency.

Blumenthal claims to be in touch with “a national security official with direct knowledge of the operation” to supply Israel with signals intelligence from American assets to help it monitor armament transfers from Syria and Iran to Hezbollah. He states that President Bush has approved the intelligence sharing.

Maybe he sees this as a big career move to garner headlines – and in that he would be right! But whatever idiotic Walter Mitty fantasies that are running through this loser’s head it is clear he just alerted Iran and Syria and Hezbollah to the fact their activities are being monitored, giving them clear warning to change tactics if they want to remain undetected. When did the left become so overwhelmed with Bush Derangement Syndrome that they would help terrorists move military supplies into the battle field so more Israeli civilians can die? Here is the original Salon article.

After exposing the intelligence to our enemies, Sick Sid goes on a wild liberal fantasy run based on information fed to him by someone who also clearly has wild liberal fantasies. Whatever strange, paranoid-driven monsters inhabit Sid’s head, he is not going to be cleared of publicizing classified material on an insanity plea (which seems to be his best hope). Sid and his source disagree with policy positions taken by Bush. Too bad. They were not voted into office twice now and these liberals need to learn to accept political defeat and not break laws in a fit of frustration. Time for Sid to meet the Grand Jury. This effort is not illegal, is not exposing Americans to civil rights abuse, is not aimed at anything but stopping the flow of weapons to Israelis enemies on their northern border. People will die if this news helps the Syrians and Iranians successfully adjust their tactics.

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17 Responses to “Sydney Blumenthal Leaks Classified NSA Information”

  1. carol johnson says:

    Again!!!? WHEN are we going to learn that these treasonous SOBs are not “in favor” of us winning this or any other fight. I DEMAND the Department of Justice prosecute these people without regard to their “occupation”!!! RIGHT NOW!

    /rant off/


  2. MerryJ1 says:

    Not the first time for Sid Vicious. Anyone remember his Grand Jury summons and the related kerfuffle during the Clinton years?

  3. Charles_in_Texas says:

    I prefer FIRING SQUADS for the “Blu” Traitor types and their sources. That is what will happen come the revolution. No Liberals will live through that New American Revolution. They are too Frenchified, Hizbollah “had” and bent over holding their ankles for the Iranian “ouchie squeeze”.

  4. carol johnson says:


    Did you see the article? I read as much as I could without having to subscribe. What a vicious piece of crap this jerk is! Now, before my head explodes, I must go do some lunch…that is IF I can keep it down.


  5. U.S. Sharing NSA Data With Israel…

    So what? We are sharing valuable intelligence to help Israel track down and fight the terrorist organizations that are trying to destroy them. I don’t see what the big deal is. With the current crisis there I am sure that, despite paranoia fr…

  6. Terrye says:

    Well you know, this is not just a question of sharing intel with Israel, the last time I looked Hezbellah was considered an enemy of the US…so why wouldn’t we give information to someone fighting them?

  7. kathie says:

    So do we share intel with Great Briton, Germany, Poland etc.? The point he is trying to make is that we are trying to start a war with Iran and Syria using Israel as a proxy. It never occurred to him that we are trying to save Israel from certain destruction. I wonder if he listened to the mad man from Iran today? He said first a cease fire than the destruction of Israel. Maybe if we help Israel now, it will save us from an all out war later. Unless Sid thinks that the world will let Israel be wiped off the map. Also these statements fit very nicely with Hillary’s attack on Rummy today. She prepared a Presidential policy statement, in the guise of a question. Some times I wonder how this country is going to survive this onslaught from the Democratic party. Will they ever put politics aside for this country?

  8. lurker9876 says:

    If it was supposed to be classified, it should remain classified. It goes against national security. I’m glad that NSA has been helping Israel to knock down those trucks.

  9. Barbara says:

    When Republicans are in office Israel is a serious ally and under our protection. When Democrats are in office Israel is something that has to be put up withor worked around. The truth of the matter is that Israel has always been a partner in developing many things whether they are weapons or for private industry.

    Be that as it may, Sidney Blumenthal is one of the worst of the Clinton people and that is saying a lot. I tried to be fair once and read one of his articles. I couldn’t go past the the first few sentences. He insults the intelligence of anyone who keeps up with the news.

  10. HaroldHutchison says:

    Please forgive the RedState link, but that is not the only classified stuff that got leaked:

  11. AJStrata says:

    I don’t mind Redstate links!

  12. C-Span was showing old video the other night. One event was an event hosted by Thomas Dunne Publishing. In the same camera shot they managed to capture Joe Wilson and Syd Viscious standing next to eachother in conversation with Tom Oliphant and another person I did not recognize.

  13. lurker9876 says:

    Mac called somebody and says that this story is not true. Check his site.

  14. MerryJ1 says:


    Which story is not true?

    Carol J., I skimmed, but I’m so biased against people like Blumenthal, I’d be faulting (them, he’s only one of the worst) while he was carrying me out of a burning building — I’d be busy trying to figure out what the sinister intent was.

  15. Another leftist leaker…

    A.J. Strata: Former Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal is leaking NSA secrets and giving Syria and Iran a heads up: Why would Sydney Blumenthal risk everything to publicize the fact he has been leaked – and is publicizing – classified information?……

  16. Blumenthal is full of crap…

    Well Sidney Blumenthal is at it again….and isn’t it strange that Jason Leopold’s defender paper Raw Story is giving it a lead? Originally published in Salon, here is the gist of his piece.
    “The National Security Agency is provi…

  17. jeanneb says:

    Blumenthal’s big moment of glory was when he went before the Monicagate grand jury . After testifying, he immediately came out on the courthouse steps and lied about what he had been asked. He took advantage of the fact that only HE, as a witness, was free to discuss GJ proceedings…no one could refute him. Later testimony transcripts showed him to have been spinning headlines.

    It sounds like he may be angling for a 2nd bite at that apple.