Aug 03 2006

Qana, Casualty Of War

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We now are getting a clear picture of Qana – one that makes it sadly unremarkable in the context of battle. Intelligence clearly indicated days of Hebollah activity in and around the village. The IDF dropped leaflets warning civilians to leave the area because Hezbollah’s activities had made it a military target. Israeli intelligence targetted sites that were deemed Hezbollah hide outs or stashes. Erroneously, a house on the outskirts of town was included in the target list. The house could have been a field command center at one time, and then abandoned by Hezbollah, leaving it open to the two families who attempted to find refuge there. Or it could never have been a Hezbollah site. Either way it became a target that fateful night, not because the IDF was trying to kill civilians. If the IDF wanted to kill civilians they would have been much more productive in that effort given the number of sorties they have performed. When the building was hit half the people there were killed. And the a crime was committed. A crime of using dead children as props for Hezbollah’s world PR programme. The compliance of the international news media in this crime is just barely less disgusting than Hezbollah’s acts. Barely. That is the story of Qana. A typical problem in war, and why Hezbollah should have ended this weeks ago by returning the kidnapped soldiers and ceasing their rocket attacks – which are targetting civilians.

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