Aug 02 2006

“Liberal People Around The World”

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Once in a while it makes sense to take terrorists at their word. If we had listened to Bin Laden when he was foreshadowing his attacks on America we may have been more prepared and better defended. So when a Hezbollah agent in Damascus Syria claims that liberals from around the world are flocking to support Hezbollah (which has fired 200 missiles at civilian targets in Israel today alone) I believe him. Especially when he is opening up to a liberal media source like the BBC:

The man behind the desk never gave us his name, but he seemed to be a key figure in Hezbollah’s support network in Syria.

He would not let us film the office, or give its location. He said he was afraid the Israelis might attack.

But this is where, apparently, they co-ordinate fund-raising in Syria for the Hezbollah militants in Lebanon.

He told us they were getting support, not just from the Shia Muslim community, from which Hezbollah comes, but also from Sunni Muslims and Christians. “Liberal people around the world are supporting the resistance,” he said.

Well, we all have choices to make in life. As my wife and I were enjoying the second Harry Potter movie the other night we paused the movie to ponder one of our favorite lines (spoken by the late great Sir Richard Harris). I paraphrase here (because I have no time to go run the movie and find it): “It is not the gifts we have that sets us apart, Harry. It is the choices we make that defines us”. The liberals have been making their choices and distinguishing themselves from modern, middle America for going on 5 years now. The farther away we travel from 9-11 the farther afield the left drifts – back into their pre 9-11 world. The Syrians and Iranians have sided with indiscriminate killers who are egged on by an Islamo Fascist fantasy of world domination. They have drunk the Kool Aid – no helping them now. Those who side with these killers cannot expect to be respected. In fact, they can expect to be, at best, considered the most foolish of fools. They have made their choices and defined their existance for all time.

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  1. The Macker says:

    The liberals have been distinguishing themselves from more than “middle America.”

    They condescendingly distinguish themselves from any who affirm faith, family and country. This makes them comfortable with their own bad choices. And, then, they adopt exaggerated and affected tolerance which makes them unable to judge good and evil.

    AJ, I know what you meant by “middle America”, but these strong, believing, patriotic Americans are in every state.