Aug 02 2006

More Media Gullibility

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Clarice Feldman tipped me off to her post on Dan Riehl exposure of another attempted propaganda fraud. , but this photo he links to from a left wing site exposes the true fakery. The image is supposed to be of an ambulance taking a shell straight through the roof and severing the leg of a man on one of the gurneys. Now I know enough about shells and missiles to know the explode. Big time. Note the clean interior. No charring, no smoke residue, no twisted metal. I wish my minivan’s interior paint looked that good. Is the gullible media going to come back and harrass bloggers who simply have a modicum of common sense and a critical eye? What about all that rust that appeared so rapidly? Geez, folks – get real (or should that be Riehl?).

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  1. Barbara says:

    God, those Israeli bombs are accurate. Notice how this ambulance was hit dead center of the red cross.

  2. Barbara says:

    also it looks like the top of the ambulance was not even dented, just an even hole . That missile must have cut through the top of the ambulance like a hot knife through butter.

    These people are really stupid or think we are.

  3. luc says:

    I agree with all the comments regarding the picture and I would like to add my own: the “explosion” fom the shell blew out the door of the ambulance but blew IN the windshiled…interesting but highly unlikely! Also, not only is the interior not charred but also there does not seem to be any damage done to the buldings around the ambulance.
    This picture is clear evidence that miracles happen and Hb is not stage managing any event including Qana…

    Barbara: sadly, these people are not the stupid ones. The stupid ones are the ones the ones who believe them and participate in all the protests. More sadly, the stupid ones are very numerous and very dangerous because of their number.

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