Aug 02 2006

Democrats Play To Their Own Parody

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Drudge is reporting a new Democrat website called the “Fudge Report“. Talking about shooting yourself in the foot! We all know politicians “fudge facts” (aka spin), but to be so brazen as to post half truths under a truth-in-advertising label such as this is too funny. Sadly, in a country where we have serious issues and we are all looking for some adult leadership, Senate Democrats are giving us third grade humor instead. We have a serious situation in the ME and we get this from the Democrat Fudge Report: “Rick Santorum: Dumb and Dumber…” The Democrats (which reader Merlin renamed the Errorcrats – sort of) really need to get beyond the SNL-Carville-Begala shtick and try and take this leadership thing seriously. While the 13 year old in me finds this humorous, the father of 4 with one heading into the military is not amused. Besides, who likes a copycat? If I was a donor to the Democrats I would want an explanation for this total waste of time and money.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:



    I am blushing here!

    Sorry I didn’t realize the offer of Prime Rib earlier would get such a supportive reaction.

    Besides that bit of humor, I am sorry that I am a bit out of position this morning to do reasonable commentary, since a dinner engagement last night turned into a 6000 mile unconsidered flight to “put out a fire of minor importance” in my real life.

    But such it is and I react to the reality of the world.

    I am home now, after a sucessful conclusion of a “get over it” drama, and am looking only for my “Bunkie” to recharge.

    BTW AJ the Prime Rib is still a go. Hint Hint nudge nudge.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:


    Just to bait the hook a little more, did I mention that one of the appatizers at this place is fried gator tail!

    Oh that’s gotta hit home!

  3. MerlinOS2 says:



    I’m not gonna mention the “Gopher Stew”, PITA would be pi$$ed, but so it goes.