Jul 29 2006

Al Qaida Linked To Bombay Bombings

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When the bombings in Bombay (Mumbia actually) were first coming across the news wires I had noted earlier attacks in the day which preceeded the bombings and appeared to be a diversionary attack to distract security forces which were on alert for a possible attack. I felt this kind of planning and the precision of the blasts was an indicator of Al Qaeda being behind the attacks. It seems I might have been correct:

Indian security agencies’ worst fears may be coming true. The latest man arrested for his suspected role in the July 11 bombings is said to be an al-Qaida apprentice. The suspect, Mujaheed Geelani, surrendered in Pune on Thursday.

Geelani is alleged to have helped recruit and train the 7/11 bombers. Geelani, intelligence officers say, was indoctrinated by senior Al-Qaida man Abu Zubaidah. “Zubaidah reportedly went through computer training in Pune before crossing over into Pakistan and climbing the hierarchy in al-Qaida,” an intelligence source told Mumbai Mirror.

“Geelani, who hails from Jammu and Kashmir, moved to Pune to co-ordinate the terrorist cells in the city,” an ATS officer told Mumbai Mirror. Geelani “looked after several sleeper cell modules in the state”.

“We believe that Abu Zubaidah was one of the first al-Qaida operatives to develop a sleeper cell network in India, which he later supervised from Pakistan until his arrest. Geelani took over from him,” the source said.

This might be important in understanding ‘the big picture’ of what is transpiring as we look across Lebanon, Iraq, Afganistan and India. The war on terror (or Islamo Fascism) is definitely taking on a global nature. The ‘world war’ description may not be too far fetched.

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  1. ivehadit says:

    Al Q has lost in Iraq…and Afghanistan..; the terrorists feel the need to “branch out” more to appear powerful, imho.

    On the otherhand, the NYT/dems/ etal may have emboldened the terrorists…

    I am praying many times during the day for our beloved country and President.

  2. Barbara says:

    If we are reduced to fighting a World War III, however would we fight it. Europe is so overrun with Muslims that it would be a case of fighting the enemy within, not only the Muslims but MSM also. I have no doubt that Europe, even though they hate the US, will come begging for our help. And like lemmings headed for the sea we will oblige. I suppose we will have no other choice. But we also face a similar danger in the US. We, too, have the enemy within. Not only organizations like CAIR, but mosques that preach radical Islam. There seems to be no monitoring of these mosques and schools. They seem to be able to go on under freedom of speech. And the government allows these radical imans to come to the US to preach. Where is the sense in that? We seem to have a rash of lone terrorists shooting up and killing the object of their hatred, but law enforcement doen’t seem to be taking it seriously.

    Israel must succeed. It is the only hope to avoid World War III. Some people say we are in World War III now, but I promise you that what has happened so far is just a taste of what will be. World War III will horrendous. And this is what Iran wants. This is the basis for their twelfth iman to return, chaos and destruction. Syria and Iran are the danger now and something will have to be done about them or they will do something about us.