Jul 28 2006

Fly By 07/28/06

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Is there anything more hillarious than seeing the headline at Drudge that the Hezbollah leader is hiding in the Iranian Embassy in Beruit? While Anan and the lefties call for immediate surrender before we (the Israelis mainly) actually take out Hezbollah is just more evidence of why the left is so disparaged on national security. The fighting has begun and Hezbollah has made no effort to end it. Now we see their fearless leader cowering in the Iranian embassy while his forces get a can of whoop-a$$ on the battle field. So why stop now? Why leave any forces left to rebuild again? The entry fee has been paid in PR and blood and treasure. Might as well get your money’s worth.

Peter Beinart has another blistering piece out nailing the far left. Good reading if you have little time (like me). The democrats seem to have settled in on the strategy of dropping platitudes and promises of Nirvana to their base which only the most naive would buy into. And somehow this myth-talking is going to rally the country. Hopefully this weekend I will update my predictions for this fall (used to have the Senate 3+ for Reps, but I will be changing that). What the Democrats needs is Beinart and Hitchens to lead the party so people with even modest IQs can feel like they are being taken seriously.

Sorry to be so brief but meetings, meetings, meetings. Folks may want to peruse the archives on the right under the categories for something they have not read before. Have a great day!

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  1. crosspatch says:

    When Israel invaded last time they took 100 casualties at Bent Jbeil. They took 10 this time and stopped. Israel seems to have pretty much stopped gound action and is again cranking up the shelling an air strikes. I have no clue what Israel is doing at this point and have to wonder if the cabinet does either.

  2. Sarah says:

    As a Jew with relatives in Israel, I am horrified and ashamed of Israel’s ongoing slaughter of Lebanon. Not content with the almost total destruction of the civilian infrastructure, Israel is targeting homes, apartments, ambulances and civilians fleeing from the terror raining from the skies. Anyone with only half a brain must realize that Israel and its main weapons supplier and benefactor, the US, are encurring a hatred that will never be forgiven or forgotten.
    For those with short term memory loss, or with no knowledge of history, Hizbollah was formed as a guerilla group to fight against Israel during its brutal almost 20 year occupation of Lebanon. It was Hizbollah that earned the gratitude of a nation when it drove the Israelis back where they belonged. But Israel did not totally withdraw. They still retain the Lebanese territory of Shebaa Farms and still have Lebanese prisoners rotting in their prisons. Hizbollah captured the IDF soldiers in order to free the prisoners, get Israel out of the Shebaa Farms and force Israel to reveal the sites of the thousands of land mines they buried on Lebanese soil. It was Israel that began the bombing in response to the capture of the soldiers.
    Israel’s terror response to the capture forces the asking of an important question. Why is Israel permitted to capture and hold thousands of Palestinian prisoners and Lebanese prisoners but no one is allowed to do the same to the precious Israelis.
    If the mad dogs who are running Israel are not reined in and their plans for the “final solution” are not thwarted, the consequences for the world may be disastrous. Sadly, there seems to be no one with the courage to stand up to the US and Israel and bring their leaders to the Hague.

  3. AJStrata says:


    I know weapons systems and the only thing Israel targetted was the rocket launchers. Hezbollah know this. Anyone with half a brain knows that if you are being attacked you trace back the path of the shell or rocket and bomb the location. It is Hezbollah who placed their launchers next to innocent civilians and they did it deliberately in order to gode naive people like you into making ridiculous comments like you did. Terrorists rely on the ignorance of people to hide their crimes. What Hezbollah did was a war crime and against the Geneva Conventions.