Jul 27 2006

The War On Terror’s Last Phase

If people thought we were going to disrupt a few cells and take out a few enabling governments and be able to win the war on terror, they were sadly too optimistic. I had held out hope this would be possible. But the nature of our enemy never let me get too comfortable with that hope. I understand that people who are willing to die in a blaze of glory so they can obtain heaven and leave this world are not going to be easily deterred. They want to die. All we are negotiating is the terms of their death and how many of us they will be taking with us.

We saw Al Qaeda and the Taliban crushed in Afghanistan with terror cells responding in Spain, London, Bali and elsewhere. We saw Saddam’s regime toppled and replaced by a democratic government supported by millions of people, and we saw the Jihadists swarm to Iraq and fight with extremists like Sadr and Zarqawi. We saw a democratic government take root in Lebanon and throw off their Syrian masters, with Hezbollah responding in an all out war with Israel.

Don’t get me wrong here. I am not being pessimistic. Democracy is spreading and the Islamo Fascists are being pushed into smaller and smaller areas where they can operate safely from. Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Gulf States are cracking down on their minority Jihadists and Libya is sitting on the side line. The coalition of the willing has been pushing back the Jihadists and has them isolated to Southern Lebanon, Syria and Iran. Iran is the heart and soul of the movement and will probably be the place where the movement makes it last stand. But we are not quite there yet.

We are tracking a wounded and dangerous wild animal here. They will escalate and escalate because they have no choice. Hezbollah can end the conflict in 10 minutes by turning over the two Israeli soldiers they kidnapped – but they do not do so. They have what they want. They have their war and, even though they are losing it, they are dying in their blaze of glory. They are fulfilling their dreams. Therefore there will be no cease fire, no stopping the Jihadists from reaching heaven and the promised life after. Why give up heaven and live here on earth in defeat and embarrassment?

Hezbollah now carries the Islamo Fascist banner since Al Qaeda has lost so badly in Iraq and Afghanistan. Al Qaeda still dreams of world domination beginning with taking back the southern parts of Europe the Moors once controlled:

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) – Al-Qaida’s No. 2 leader issued a worldwide call in a new videotape released Thursday for Muslims to rise up in a holy war against Israel and join the fighting in Lebanon and Gaza until Islam reigns from “Spain to Iraq.”

Read this message for what it is, because it communicates on many levels. First off it draws on the true goal of the Jihadists, which is pushing the evil influence of the decadent West back to the Dark Ages boundaries, to Germany and France. Second, it is a desperate call for relevancy. By exposing the true dreams of the Islamo Fascists Al Qaeda is hoping to be able to take back or hold onto the vision in ME they are the leaders of the movement. Right now Hezbollah is doing the fighting, the dying and getting the glory for themselves.

Many in the West, especially the liberals, will want to stop the fighting at all costs. They will continue to blame the Western Leaders for not finding a way to stop the suicidal actions of the Jihadists. But they forget history. Hitler was so obsessed, and basically insane, he became a dead ender and kept sending children out to die in front of the marching armies of Russia, England and America rather than surrender. To some surrender is not an option and they will allow total and complete carnage to reign before they will die.

Hezbollah keeps attacking Israel in the hopes that maybe the weak kneed in the West will win the day and convince the West to surrender, as it marches to a hard fought victory. It may happen, but I doubt it. I am not sure the dead enders, now in the heat of war, will want to stop. And even if they take a break they will not stop for long because we are still more encroached in the ME than we were pre 9-11. The Jihadists cannot let Iraq and Afgahnistan and Lebanon stand with Israel.

So we face the last phases of this conflict if we are prepared to end this sooner rather than later and with a lot more deaths. The Jihadists are now losing one of their remaining bases of operation: Southern Lebanon. If that area is basically cleansed that will leave Syria and Iran. We can attempt to do with Syria what we did with Libya. They are in a very precarious position because now Western friendly states (and soon to be forces) exist all around them now. Our final phase is to deal with the last two strong holds. Syria and then Iran. War is not the preferred path, but we have never been the ones dictating that path. The Jihadists have been in charge of that decision. 6 years since 9-11 tells me they will not be changing their ways. They are on a mission to heaven. We can only help them along and avoid joining them.

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  1. Al Qaeda’s Zawahri Threatens Israel In New Video…

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  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    The big disconnect here is a subtle one in a way. Iran is more than willing to pass thru Syria to HissBooLahLah many types of rockets and send their own “Special” people to man their best weapons.

    But however they are not sending similar “supportive” measures to Iraq for their buddies in arms.

    If they are not so shy in Lebinaught, why are they so shy to lift their burka in Iraq?

    Can anyone remember the Iraq/Iran war? It gives basis to their support but as little as it can as a possible senario. They wish to disrupt, a new Iraq being so close is not very comfortable to them. Just assisting enough to be the pot stirrier, but not putting their toe beyond the flipflop to enable a fingerprint or toeprint as applicable.

    In Iraq they wag the dog, but in other places, they give pit bulls sterroids.

    Has anyone seen all those nice graphics of how far missles can reach into Israel, but not seen a similar graphic as to how far the same missles can reach into Iraq or Afghanistan?

    If you are concentrating on the let jab, it hard to detect the right hook.

  3. Carol_Herman says:

    The IDF now controls the Wazani River. It’s also increased its “in depth position” protecting the Sheba Farms. While, in heavy fighting, it uncovered the BUNKER SYSTEM. That’s why the IDF went back and bombed spots in Northern Lebanon; including a military base. They’re destroying the bunker SYSTEM. And, the kayushkas, and launchers, also. Everything underground is now well mapped by the IDF.

    While all the supplies the hezbollies put underground is also getting wiped out. Including food and water.

    Can the hezzie’s last more than a week? Part of the ability to fight must incorporate logistics. Which means you have supplies to send to your front. And, replacements for the troops that get killed. Injuries? You think the lebanese have a system in place for this?

    And, the UN? So, Kofi came out and made his outrageous statement. And, Harper, the PM of Canada, countered back. It seems Kofi put his Blue Helmets in harm’s way. And, refused to evacuate them. Even though the hezbollah was using every available UN outpost to lob missiles. War crimes, here? Kofi’s lap.

    Within the next week, the six years of bunker systems put in place in lebanon, with the help of the iranians. And, the north koreans. And, the chinese. Will be exposed. BRING POPCORN. This should get interesting; as the lebanese seem to be controlled by masters who are in deep denial. (Well? In germany, when this happened, hitler entered his bunker. And, a lot of germans began ripping their insignias off their uniforms.) You need more than propaganda to survive.

    As to the MSM, they’re meeting their match on the Internet. Just us. And, Army of David’s.

  4. carol johnson says:

    Anybody hear that Bolton stands a good chance of being confirmed, because of the “pressure” being put on certain Senators to support him by the huge Jewish lobby?…on none other than Schumer and Clinton (who have so far been absent on this issue) I think they are probably trying desperately to find a way to hide their votes. Harry Reid has also not committed to a filibuster. The following is from the New York Post:

    A shift by the senators would likely dash any hopes of another Democratic filibuster of Mr. Bolton and would point to a sizable political ramification of the crisis in the Middle East.

    Can you say…DELICIOUS???


  5. ivehadit says:

    AJ, can you believe that it’s been just short of 5 years since 9/11?

    And just a few days past 5 1/2 years of George Bush’s administration…they and we have endured so much in such a short time…and with many success, I will add!

  6. Spain to Iraq…

    Europe, wake up. Do you still doubt that the Islamofascists expect to take over all of Europe. Rather than being upset with Israel, you should support them, because even though Hezbollah has been stronger than they thought, Israel has been kicking th…..

  7. For Enforcement says:

    Excellent points in this article, I agree with your overall assessment.

    Consider this:
    “Hezbollah keeps attacking Israel in the hopes that maybe the weak kneed in the West will win the day and convince the West to surrender,”

    In Iraq, Saddam was convinced that France would never let the U.S. actually invade Iraq. He felt that the OFF program, with the influence he had bought in Russia, France, UN and others would surely keep him in power. Does anyone think that the spiderhole was really his planned retirement home? But nothing is going to stop the U.S. now from supporting Israel until the Hezbollah are out of business in Lebanon. Pres. Bush knows that, as you said, there are 3 places now for the terrorists, with Lebanon gone, there’ll only be two left. The rats are getting cornered and are getting desperate, and will react as desperate people will, but in the end, desperation will not rule the day.

    The Islamo Facists don’t really ‘want’ to die for the cause, if they did, when they lobbed the rockets they wouldn’ t run away immediately and hide. No. they just use that to console them for the day when they finally bite the big one, but, they are dedicated to pursuits that will most likely end up with them dying, it appears, anyhow

    A former official in the Clinton Admin, don’t remember his name now, was on O’reilly last night trying to put a smiley face on the UN and their ability. They had 2000 observers in south Lebanon for 20 years and somehow they missed Hezbollah getting the 13000 missiles in place there. I guess they also missed the building of the hugh underground bunker system. But then that wasn’t their job.

    I think it’s interesting that the Israeli’s can ‘map’ the entire bunker system in Lebanon, but we here in the U.S. with all our wonderful technological ability can’t map the bunker system under our border with Mexico. Just thought I would mention that.

  8. For Enforcement says:

    Anybody hear that Bolton stands a good chance of being confirmed, because of the “pressure” being put on certain Senators to support him by the huge Jewish lobby?

    I don’t think there would be hearings again if it wasn’t in the bag. There is no way Pres Bush would let it fail two times. Would be a huge failure in stature(if there is any now) in the UN.

    No, Senator Voinivich changed his position, and that’s what killed it before, he now supports him. I heard Voinivich’s reason for supporting him in the hearings this morning and he had good honest reasons for changing his position. Apparently his staff has been in close contact with Bolton every since he became ambassador and feel that he is doing a great job and is definitely the man for the job. Bolton seems to be pretty sharp and really understands the UN.

  9. Carol_Herman says:

    Well, there should be a “strategy saying” that if your plan is to “attack everywhere,” all you really do is scatter your strength.

    It seems Nasrallah was spirited to damascus. In civilian dress. Perhaps a burka? Where there was a meeting between him, Assad, and the FM from Iran.

    Now, Iran is screaming for a CEASE FIRE!

    You still think the Ahma-nut-ding-don-in-a-dinner-jacket has a plan set for August 22nd, and he just needs time?

    Was August 22nd the day we dropped the Fat Guy on Hiroshima?

    What’s the fixation at the well where the 12th mullet dwells; that made this a ticket date for Iran?

    And, what if there’s no hurry to a cease fire?

    Nukes in play? Or a bargaining chip to give away?

    When will the kidnapped soldiers be home. And, what if they’re not healthy?

    I can see what Nasrallah started lasting awhile. If Plan B is to scream CEASE FIRE! What’s Plan “C?” Scream it while standing on your head?

  10. kathie says:

    We should drop a bomb on the well—–Carol are you sure about mapping of tunnels? I haven’t read that anywhere. If you watch the news it looks as if the Israel is loosing this thing. Kathie

  11. OLDPUPPYMAX says:

    Having at last awakened from its “land for peace” lunacy, Israel has decided to show the world that killing terrorists works far better than trying to appease them. Conventional wisdom believes Hezballah misjudged the Israeli response to the kidnapping of her soldiers. If so, it was certainly a world class mistake on the part of the sub-human set, as Israel may well continue to kill the Allah Akbar crowd for weeks to come, with little or no real opposition even from most Islamic nations. I can’t imagine that either Syria or Iran will shed their “go get ’em fellas” posture and actually get involved in the battle. Such a repeat of Hezballahs “feel free to eradicate us” invitation would just be too much to hope for. But watching the course of coming events is going to be an awful lot of fun. Imagine Hezballahs annoyance when they begin hearing: ” President Amadinejad can’t take your call right now. Please leave your name and number…”

  12. crosspatch says:

    I have to say I am extremely perplexed by Israeli moves the past 48 hours. They seemed to have been poised for movement on the Eastern end of the border but suddenly pulled back. While they have called up reserves, they have also seemed to have stopped in mid-stride and lost any momentum they might have gained from earlier operations. Yes, I am aware that the IDF took casualties but not any extremely large number. I would imagine the Israeli military command is beside itself at this point dealing with civilians who can’t seem to make up their minds.

  13. MerryJ1 says:


    I was happy to see Voinivich’s change of heart, but I don’t put much credulity on his stated reasons. I believed before (and still do), when he tried to derail Bolton’s nomination — which followed a few other hatchet-tosses at Bush’s skull — that he was in full sour grapes mode since before the 2000 election.

    Prior to Bush naming Dick Cheney as his running mate, Voinivich or someone on his behalf lobbied pretty hard for the spot. Presumably thinking Bush wasn’t getting his message of availability and interest, he or his supporters put the word out in a more public, visible way and the response was an immediate, blunt and pointed “No.”

    He apparently didn’t take it kindly, and threw a few snarky little hissy-fits back when. Then he was pretty low-key and quiet for a while, until the Bolton nomination arose, and he came out smoking.

    My take on the present 180 is that he recognizes the serious fragility of the current ME situation and is, if belatedly, now trying to put US interests ahead of his personal pique.

  14. First Cup 07.28.06…


  15. opinionsarefree says:

    Don’t forget that AQ is also moving into Somalia and other parts of Africa. This war is not nearly over. I just hope that we still have the political will to fight after 2008. I’m not so worried about 2006 as the Dem’s can’t seem to stop shooting themselves in the foot.