Jan 01 2017

The Movie “Sully” Tee’s Up Trump’s MAGA

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If you get a chance, definitely watch the movie “Sully”. Not only is it a great story of humanity’s ability to take on incredible odds, it is an amazing underscore of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” (MAGA).

Bear in mind this movie is based on events that occurred in 2009, with the rights to the movie acquired in 2010. Therefore this movie has been a long time coming to the big screen, and its timing is nothing short of fateful.

The hero is of course Chesley Sullenberger, the pilot who pulled off the phenomenal feat of a safe water landing on the Hudson River where all passengers and crew made it out alive and well (in no small thanks to the region’s first responders!).

The hidden power of this movie is the story’s antagonists, who are straight out of the 2016 elect election cycle.

The primary bad guys are the Feds from the National Safety Transportation Board, who have come to face our national hero with preconceived conclusion and insufferable arrogance. They put our hero, his family and his copilot through a living hell, all based on computer models and simulations.

Is anyone thinking about the [lack of] accuracy in those shoddy global warming models pushed by the UN and Obama administration? As someone with decades of experience in simulation and modeling of complex systems under his belt, trust me when I say this movie is accurately representing models, sims and their misuse.

I am not going to spoil the plot, but let’s just say the Feds come off as wannabe know-it-alls out to destroy our hero – our American hero. Someone straight off Main Street USA.

Sully, quite simply, is a story of MAGA. MAGA in the face of the federal bureaucracy and their media enablers.

You could not tee-up a better analogy for Trump’s pending upheaval of the federal bureaucracy. Main Street (in this case a decorated pilot) vs. the arrogant fed peddling baseless theories.

What a coincidence – right? This movie comes out right when the nation faces the same challenges as Sully, but on a grander scale across multiple similar story lines.

But the analogy does not stop with the NTSB and the Feds. Aiding the Feds in their effort to destroy our hero and harass his family is a very dull-witted media. Every cameo of the media depicts a shallow, incurious and lame fourth estate. Both the media and the feds get the image they so rightly deserve – since this is all based on historic fact!

Finally, we had just watched the movie when reality decided to underscore the caricature of the media in the movie.


Envision if you will [in my best Rod Serling “Twighlight Zone” voice] the normally Trump-hostile, Clinton-fawning press as a “protective pool” surrounding the President-elect!

The pool consists of a small group of reporters who follow the president and president-elect to all public appearances and act as proxies for hundreds of other reporters. This “protective pool” — which is cleared by the Secret Service — then shares its observations with fellow journalists.

But Trump has blown off the pool as president-elect twice in the past eight days, the first time in Washington last Thursday when he met with President Obama at the White House and later with Republican leaders.

That elicited a worried statement Monday from the White House Correspondents’ Association, which represents reporters in negotiations about press access to the president. The organization said it was “deeply concerned” by Trump’s decision to reject a protective pool.

Emphasis mine. Are these tools claiming they would take a bullet for Trump, a la the Secret Service? These media people have an overabundance of self-importance. I suggest we fire them all and make then earn their privileged access to POTUS.

Clearly Science Fiction!! You cannot make this sh*t up…


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