Dec 20 2016

Blood In Berlin & Political Class Obsessed With Merkel’s Future?

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In a classic example of “not getting it” the “news” media is obsessing on how the horrible deaths of Christmas shoppers in Berlin (many children included) might effect the political future of the idiot whose policies gave the murderous devil an opportunity to execute his carnage!

The deadly truck rampage through a Christmas market crowd here marked a new setback for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s hopes for political survival at a time when opposition is growing over her open-door policy for migrants.

“This was exactly the kind of terrible event that could seriously affect the German elections” next year

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, said Michael Wohlgemuth, director of the Berlin office of the political think tank Open Europe.

“Many people will make a connection between Merkel’s refugee policy and the threat of terrorism.

You think?

And the elites wonder why the voters are done sacrificing their careers (which obviously impacts their futures and families) sacrificing their traditions and surely not willing to sacrifice their LIVES, on the alter of globalization.

For nearly two years, Merkel has faced sharp criticism over her decision to allow nearly 1 million asylum seekers to enter Germany from conflict zones in the Middle East and North Africa. Often they arrive having undergone little in the way of security or background checks.

Germany has seen a few small-scale attacks linked to Islamic extremists and asylum seekers over this time, but nothing on a large scale.

No citizens-voters of any nation should have to die – en masse – before the stupidity of a policy is dragged grudgingly into the light by the media. What blindness (or lack of compassion) would allow anyone to take such risks with the lives entrusted to them for protection?

Is the Political Industrial Complex (PIC) bubble so opaque (with greed in all likelihood) that they did not see the high probability of this kind of event coming?

Merkel’s response is … “repugnant”!

Mrs Merkel said: “We don’t have anything for certain, but we must assume it was a terrorist attack.

“It would be very difficult for us to learn that a human being committed this deed who came to Germany to ask for refuge and asylum.

“It would be terrible for all of the Germans who are very active day by day in helping asylum seekers and refugees. It would be repugnant for those that are helping people that have come to this country and are asking for our help.”


Try “viciously criminal”!

Clearly her “open borders” policy , with no serious background checks (obviously they do not come in on commercial airlines – hint, hint) is more important than her citizens’ safety.

Merkel is repugnant.

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2 Responses to “Blood In Berlin & Political Class Obsessed With Merkel’s Future?”

  1. A_Nonny_Mouse says:

    The NYT had this excerpt:

    ” With right-wing populism on the rise across Europe, Ms. Merkel has been seen as a bulwark against illiberal democracy. If she is weakened, and if next spring’s election in France produces a populist president, the already weak European Union could be badly, even fatally, wounded.
    “This is even more worrying than terrorism, strange though that may sound”, said Jacqueline Boysen, a biographer of Ms. Merkel who has known her since the 1990s. “Terrorism is terrible and frightening, but our political future is so uncertain”. ”

    = = = = =

    Ain’t that just like the Left…? As the bodies pile up, their only focus is, OMG THIS MIGHT HURT “THE PARTY”!!!!!

    After reminding everybody that Ms. Merkel was an EAST German back before the Berlin Wall fell, I’ll leave it to our Gentle Readers to guess which Party we’re talking about.

    Not all THAT difficult, eh, comrade?

  2. AJStrata says:

    I did not know that Nonny!