Jul 25 2006

Liberal Lies And Slander

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I am stunned at the viscious stupidity on display by Jason Leopold and his allies at Raw Story and Think Progress. Seixon (aka George Gooding) is a very smart and dilligent moderate-conservative blogger who I have emailed with and discussed issues as we cross link to each other’s site. He is a good person who is passionate about the issues of the day. He is a strong debater with strong opinions.

So I am not surprised to find that Seixon has riled up the leftwing nuts. He engages in any and all debates. But I am surprised the left has become so upset to the point that they have falsified documents in his name and published these documents on the internet in a clear attempt to smear and intimidate Seixon. Too bad for Leopold and the others Seixon has a rudimentary understanding of electronic communications and they do not. Because the falsified emails in Seixon’s name have been clearly tampered with (and can just as clearly be traced). Check out the post at Seixon’s where he identifies where his emails were cut to remove text and where fictional text was added in. It will surprise you at the stupidity of the act since Seixon clearly has the original email sitting in his ‘out box’ in his email application.

Seixon, I can tell you my friend you are sitting on a gold mine of defamation and slander suits. I am well acquainted with the law profession and would be willing to help point you in the right direction. But many of the conservative bloggers are lawyers in their own right and would probably provide guidance as well. You have clear evidence of people doctoring your emails in order to defame your reputation. Think Progress and others who promulgated these lies will pay a dear price for allowing their sites to become part of a conspiracy to attack you with made up lies and half truths. All conservative Bloggers should be pointing to these acts to demonstrate that gutter tactics used by the leftwing in this country. Richard Nixon may have been dirty, but he never stooped to publishing lies about what people wrote in their own name. Get the word out on this clearly criminal act. Let America see what the left as sunken to.

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  1. Sue says:

    I hope everyone notes how Larry Johnson, the go to guy on all things Plame/Wilson, shows up time and again in Jason Leopold’s shenanigans. Seixon has done and excellent job in connecting the dots.

  2. crosspatch says:

    The really odd part is that the fictional parts he added in don’t even follow the real parts in style. It is pretty obvious that it is written by a different person.

    Jason is on a greased rail to oblivion this time.

  3. Sue says:

    Just so long as he takes ex-CIA Larry Johnson with him…

  4. HaroldHutchison says:

    Jason Leopold made a big mistake.

  5. HaroldHutchison says:

    It may be getting worse:

    Larry Johnson’s now making threats.

  6. tgharris says:

    Blogging lawyers???

    How about Hugh Hewitt, and the guys at Powerline? I think they could probably help out here.

  7. crosspatch says:

    This really appears to be a classic reaction of a person with narcissistic personality disorder. The threats … the intimidation. Narcissists know two kinds of people in the world. Those who they fear, and those who they think should fear them.

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