Jul 25 2006

Save The Minutemen – From Themselves

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As many know I am not an “enforcement only” type when it comes to dealing with our illegal immigration issues. But since enforcement is a cornerstone of the comprehensive three pronged strategy I support (the other two prongs being a guest worker program and stonger requirements on employers) I am obvioulsy behind the strengthening of the borders and stemming the flow of people across open spaces. Therefore it is sad to see the Minuteman project come under some hard, and possibly dark, times. I have seen the Minutemen as one of those innovative and brave groups that exposed the subject of illegal immigration to the general public and showed how some volunteers on the border could have a great impact on the flow of people across it. While I am against their border only myopia, their part of the cause is as important as the other three.

So I was disturbed to read at Michelle Malkin’s how there are concerns of mishandled funds associated with the Minuteman project to privately build some of the border protection themselves. The group has received $1.6M in donations which is sadly not enough to build anything of substance or size. But the reporting on their expenditures has ceased for over a year now and there have been protest resignations because of this. Someone needs to get in there and get the Minutemen squared away and transparent again. No one needs this kind of distraction when dealing with a major security issue. I hope we see this corrected soon. And I hope all those donors understand that $1.6 million doesn’t buy very much in 2006. Federal paperwork will take most of that in environmental impact studies before a single spade hits dirt. Trust me on this. So don’t go expecting much in the way of a tangible barrier with this money. It is just not enough to get the project on the drawing board and past the Federal and State boards that need to approve it.

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  1. retire05 says:

    No one organization has brought to light the problems with illegal immigration as has the organization of Chris Simcox, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp.
    Michelle Malkin links to the disapproval of the Texas Minutemen, but does not state that the Texas Minutemen are NOT a part of the MCDC as is that is clearly stated on their (TxMM) website.
    One should ask why all these “disgruntled” ex MCDC members are coming out of the woodwork at this time.
    Why has this become such fodder for the MSM when “disgruntled” ex members of Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition never see their name in print?

  2. For Enforcement says:

    By Michelle Malkin · July 25, 2006 02:54 PM
    See if you can get through this Washington Post sob story about 100 illegal alien criminals being deported without getting your eyeballs stuck in your head from rolling them upwards repeatedly. Don’t miss the multimedia slideshow full of poor, shackled deportees…with MS-13 gang

    I think this is an even better story link by Michelle. Don’t know how they found them tho? Shouldn’t it have been illegal to even ask their status?

  3. Aitch748 says:

    You’d think that the make-them-leave crowd might be a little annoyed about the way Simcox seems to be handling the money they might have sent his way, but no — any worrisome news about Simcox or his organization makes them defensive, or they try to change the focus of the thread from Simcox to MS-13.

  4. HaroldHutchison says:

    Yes… after all, their motives are pure. How dare anyone question what they are doing?