Jul 25 2006

It Is Only Disproportionate Because Hezbollah Wants It

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The Washington Post publishes a big liberal whine today about how the Israeli response to Hezbollah has been disproportionate. No where in Eugene Robinson’s opinion piece does he face the fact that the response could be ended just like it was started, through a unilateral action by Hezbollah. If Hezbollah wanted the pummeling to end they would stop launching rockets and release the two Israeli soldiers they kidnapped. Because without those two Israeli soldiers being held there would be no conflict. They started this mess and have had all the opportunities they wanted to end it. But they don’t want to end it. Which means Israel is still under threat of more attacks.

And what about the BDS mad liberals now haunting the news media and killing off their stock prices? As long as the news media keeps paying blindered fools to blame Bush for the actions of terrorists who swore to defeat America and Israel and the West long before he was elected, well they will continue to lose credibility in the eyes of Americans who take all this dead seriously. For example, good old BDS Robinson has this to say:

Bush and his folks haven’t just blundered around and created this dangerous mess, they’ve done it on purpose. And they intend to make it worse.

People understand how totally useless and mistaken it is to believe Bush (accidentally or deliberately) instigated 9-11 and all the attacks that follow. We know most were in the planning and logistics phases well before Bush took over. What I see from BDS Robinson is that stage 3 BDS is setting in. Stage 4 BDS is the retro-virus stage of the BDS syndrome, where there is no cure and no recovery. That is when you see the hand of the White House behind Hurricanes, Tsunamis and Terrorist attacks. Eugene, you need to seek help ASAP.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:


    It is not about the two “swap chips”, it is about the 100 mil a year goodwill from this “faith based” organanization. GWB got the concept right , they screwed it up.

    Maybe we can get Warren Buffet to do a Leveraged Buy Out.

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  3. Sproporzioni…

    L’unica cosa sproporzionata nella reazione militare israeliana in Libano è il modo con cui i mainstream media, prima timidamente e poi sempre più sfacciatamente, stanno prendendo le parti degli Hezbollah. A futura memoria, si legga questo scandaloso…

  4. crosspatch says:

    The response to an attack is always “disproportionate”. If you are caught stealing a car, do the police take away a car from your family and call it even? If you strike someone do the police strike you back in the same spot with the same force and call it even? No, of course not. To expect a response to an invasion, murder, kidnapping, and rocket attack to be “proportionate” is moronic the moment you apply even a second’s worth of thought to it.

    The Lebanese have it within their power to end this immediately any time they want to. They can return the kidnapped troops, hand Hezbollah rockets and heavy weapons over to the Lebanese army and the Lebanese army can secure the border with Israel and all of this could stop today. To sit and do nothing but whine about Israel’s response is lunacy.

  5. For Enforcement says:

    Can’t help but wonder why all the “civilians” being displaced and hurt or killed are good Lebanese. Haven’t some Israeli civilians suffered or been hurt or killed in the rocket attacks from Lebanon? You wouldn’t know it to watch most of the News shows. Wouldn’t you think an innocent Israeli being hurt would be disproportionate?

  6. MerlinOS2 says:


    After the Cedar Rebellion, the prime supporters of the movment were taken out by the terrorists to solidify their hold on the country. What was left could not deal with the terrorists.

    They use portions of the money from Iran to build support among the locals to get them elected to the government, they try the be the school yard bully and the United Way rolled all into one.

    Buy the minds, forget the hearts, they are just human shield body armor.

    Somehow I wish we could go back to the days when “proxy fights” were about leveraged buyouts.