Jul 21 2006

Hezbollah and Israel

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Yep, more meetings today – all day!

I won’t bother to link to them, but Kofi Anan’s comments that Israel is being excessive are ridiculous. Anan and all the bleeding hearts wish the pounding of Hezbollah would stop, but they do not admit it can stop immediately. All Hezbollad has to do is free the kidnapped Israeli soldiers (or, more likely, admit they are dead) and disarm themselves. It would all end. But the message is Hezbollah doesn’t want it to end. Hezbollah doesn’t care a wit for all those people in the cross fire. Hezbollah could care less how many Muslims dies. To them it is all for the cause. While some wring their hands about Israel, the rest like me wonder at the death wish that can be seen in Hezbollah’s futile war. Hezbollah cannot win, but they do not seem to care because dying in battle is the only winning option they have left. The world is crazy if they think delaying this effort to lance the infection that is Islamo Fascism is going to be any easier now than in ten years when they are much better armed. This has to go to the end.

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  1. Carol_Herman says:

    Well, we’re really not on the inside hearing all the phone calls.

    How different could they be from what the press is reporting? Oh, as different as Monica Lewinsky’s taped conversations were about what really goes on in the Oval Office. If ya just bring the pizza.

    Meanwhile, I’m guessing part of the battle against Hez-bull-shit-i’as, comes from the Saudi tents. Where they see benefits, GALORE!

    Look at it this way. In Iraq, the sunnis were taking such a beating! And, it did look, for a time, that the shi’as were not only voted into parliament, close to 50% … but short by 3%.

    The shi’as decided to use terror to make up the difference.

    And, that was a big mistake. But very hard to correct. The best the Amerians could do in Iraq was to stand back. And, hope inertia would take over. Given the arabs propensity to waste time. And, the other fact that shi’as weren’t all arabs.

    And, what happens?

    The shi’a mishugana in iran; starts pouring money in … like gasoline on a fire. Not just in iraq. (Where there was success!) … But off to the side in lebanon. Where syria became a player … not because of non-arab shi’as. But because of the Ba’athist connections to Saddam. Where the “spoils” line got broken. (This, too, attracted the french. Chirac’s pockets seemed to be going empty.)

    There’s a problem here no one seems to notice, yet.

    So let me help. Hilter was able to draw on the unemployed idiots. Teenagers! Real canon fodder. Who longed for the uniforms. And, not just paraded. But killed Jews because Jews were easy targets. Without help.

    Hilter’s “solution” included a way to get teenage idiots to sacrifice their lives. (And, ya know what? It took a dozen years. But hitler FAILED. He took germany down the toilet. But the germans still refuse to admit anything was really wrong in the road they followed.)

    So hitler’s ideas roamed free. And, the arabs bought them. Given that the Jews founded a nation in the Mideast; the arabs thought they’d strike them dead. Instead? The arabs just keep losing wars. And, the Jews, finally, are not waiting for rescue from others. They’ve accomplished the impossible. More than just making the desert bloom, they can defend themselves. And, so far, each generation learns to fight. Each group of kids gets to SERVE. Because the country has a DRAFT. And, they’re motivated. Who knew Israel could create such an Army of Davids?

    Anyway, today’s hitler lovers have a problem. (Or two.) First, their biggest boosters are elites. Not teenagers. Lazy latte drinkers. Not bar fighters. And, this is actually a problem no amount of diplomatic-pants dancing, solves for them.

    I’d imagine “backstage” you’d hear the banshies scream. While in front of the microphones they wear their Brooks Brothers; doesn’t mean their pants aren’t full of shit. And, they’re not winning!

    Into this has raced the Saudis. Who are finally seeing daylight. They’re not impressed with the latte drinkers. But they are impressed with America’s might. And, they’d like a better solution in iraq, than the one that seemed to be reaching fruition for the shi’as.

    If I had to guess? The shia’s are on the ropes. Their black hatted religious monsters are illiterates. Not learned men. Not in military matters. And, not in religious ones, either. In time, they can lose the very group they need to succeed. Whose that? Those teenagers, who are uneducated. And, unemployable. When they join voluntarily, they’ll don suicide belts; and even commit suicide in other ways.

    But what if they lose motivation?

    Then you just get freaks like nasrallah, following Saddam’s pattern, of running from one hidey-hole to the next.

    While Baghdad Bob comes on TV and tells ya stuff that’s so far fetched, it’s no wonder there’s a population out there trained to believe the unbelievable.

    While in America, if you wanted to find fantasists ya gotta go to Disneyland. Where it’s much safer, too.

    You don’t think so? You think the boat loads of hiz-bollah that’s made it out of lebanon are ripe for admission to terrorist camps? REALLY?

    You can ask questions. For instance: How long do the donks stay in the minority? And, how long does it take arabs in America to get jobs? Are they finding jobs as easily as they once did? What about the falafel shops? Are they selling their hummus? I don’t think there’s a run on investment capital yet for these people. Not in lebanon. Not in iraq. Heck, not even in spain. Or france. So follow the money. The money bet is that the Saudis want iran to fail. Which means iraq’s shia’s get to fail. And, maybe, too, ditto for the thieves in syria? YOU CAN INTERRUPT THEIR MONEY SUPPLIES! Just like the Israelis hit the buildings that contained the banks for hezbollah.

    Ya know, the news is so good, it can make ya laugh.

  2. ivehadit says:


    What good is it to put a band-aid on cancer?

    Hizbollah is a cancer on the planet. It must be removed and every civil and sane person WANTS this to happen. Iran and Syria are slowly being surrounded…and shunned….Can we say * Casparian Guard* (one of George’s secret programs)?

    Time to move on to a happy and healthy planet…

  3. Diplomacy and the Hounds of Hell, Part IV…

    Some think that more vigorous diplomacy is the solution. Again, diplomacy only works if the parties to a conflict share some common ground. Here, there is no common ground between Hizbullah (or Hamas) and Israel. Besides, how and why should anyone ne…..

  4. Israel calls up reserves; Rice to visit Mideast…

    Rice Rules Out a Quick Cease-Fire in Mideast
    Condi Rice will travel next week to the Middle East and Europe over the crisis in Lebanon.
    As she prepared for the trip, Israel called up thousands of reservists Friday and warned Lebanese civilians to leave…

  5. For Enforcement says:

    For Carol_Herman
    Just for the record, I believe you did an excellent analysis of the situation

  6. MerlinOS2 says:

    Joe and His wifeypoo have been relagated to the back burner. It is amazing how real world concerns can take priority over the fluff and stuff of others ambitions.

    Distractions are nice, but they have a hard time competing with reality.

    I put myself above the fray, I am waiting to see the numbers for this weekend about Al’s global warming flick. Ya know the important stuff.

    I want to know what is happening in the USA and California. Ah did I just say that , shame on me.

  7. ordi says:

    Ditto Enforcement. Great job Carol.

    Someday way down the road, the people of the ME are going to be openly and loudly praising GWB. Thinking of that day makes me laugh! The Dems have boxed themshelves into a corner and that too makes me laugh!

  8. ordi says:

    If you haven’t heard about the “umbrella” go see “How Bush Plans to Build an Arab ‘Umbrella’ Against Hizballah”


    This to makes me laugh because Maddy Not-So-Bright thinks she has all the answer with her “egg timer” diplomacy!

    I tell you this makes me laugh because the MSM and Clintonites think they are so frigging smart but yet know nothing!

    FYI: No, I don’t think war is anything to laugh at! I am laughing at the incompetent Dems and elitist in the MSM. They think they know it all but don’t!

  9. MerryJ1 says:

    No apologies necessary, Ordi — laughs are good whenever we can get ’em, and you’re right.

  10. ordi says:


    The FYI was for any leftoids that visited and wanted to make trollish comments. Yes, laughs are always good. 🙂

  11. ordi says:

    Rich Lowry at NRO made a great point yesterday.

    Giving war a chance

    Just a thought: There’s a recent precedent for an administration sitting tight while one military force knocks the hell out of another (with a not inconsiderable humanitarian cost), in the hopes that it would eventually advance the cause of a diplomatic settlement. It’s what the Clinton administration did in the summer of 1995 when the Croats launched an offensive against the Serbs that involved something like 200,000 Serbs being driven from Eastern Croatia. The smarter Clintonistas realized that in the long run this burst of war served the cause of peace. Richard Holbrooke and his negotiating team encouraged the Croats to keep going. “The map negotiations are taking place on the battlefield right now,” he explained. Similarly, the negotiations over who ultimately gets to control Southern Lebanon—Hezbollah or someone else?—are now taking place on the battlefield.


  12. MerlinOS2 says:

    Just saw this dark humor on an Isreal blog about the war progress

    Some urban legends really get my blood boiling especially the ones about ‘The Zionists are behind it all’. I’ve decided to start my own really, really stupid meme to see how far it gets.

    It was reported today that Hezbollah is really a Zionist led organisation, dedicated to appearing Islamist but secretly destabilising Arab governments so that Israel can attack them and destroy Arab countries.

    I’m modestly proud of that set of bullshit. Let’s see what Google turns up in a week or so.


  13. kathie says:

    I’m thinking that Hizbollah wanted not only to controle southern Lebanon, but all of Lebanon. When the head of Hizbollah speaks with a yellow flag and a Lebanon flag behind him, he is saying something. With Lebanon in Irans pocket and Syria too, they are ready to push Israel into the sea. The kidnapping was the excuse for the beginning of wiping Israel off the map. Just a thought.

  14. MerryJ1 says:

    You might be right, Kathie — my take was a bit more cynical; Iran wanted to steer the G8 discussions away from their Nuclear ambitions, and they really didn’t think Israel would hit back that hard. I think they may’ve stepped on their … er, ah, what’cha call its. Heh.

    That most of the “disproportionate” nonsense muted out so fast, should’ve been a bit of a cold shower for both Iran and Syria. Personally, I don’t think “disproportionate” would be in sight with anything less than a few thousand Daisy Cutters dropped on Tehran and Damascus.