Oct 20 2016

Did Democrat Intimidation & Violence Backfire?

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I have been wondering if we are seeing some unintended consequences from the violent intimidation of Trump supporters by the Democrats. This intimidation was meant to chase off Trump voters, but what if all that happened is the supporters decided to run silent and deep, and await their turn at the ballot box.

Let’s look at some stories playing out right now to see if this is plausible.

First off, we know Democrats and their affiliates have been paying people to violently intimidate Trump supporters:

Two Democratic political operatives with ties to her White House bid have indeed been caught up in a conservative group’s sting operation that appears to suggest efforts to send plants into the Trump’s rallies to cause trouble.

The Democrats — Robert Creamer, the husband of Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky, and contractor Scott Foval — both have left their jobs this week after several edited videos appeared produced by conservative activist James O’Keefe and his group Project Veritas Action.

In one of the videos, Foval, the national field director for Americans United for Change, discussed with an O’Keefe operative, who was posing as an intern, a strategy that included sending plants into Trump rallies to pick fights with his supporters.

“I mean, honestly, it’s not hard to get some of these assholes to pop off,” he says in the video. “It’s a matter of showing up, to want to get into their rally, in a Planned Parenthood T-shirt. Or ‘Trump is a Nazi,’ you know. You can message to draw them out, and draw them out to punch you.”

More here.

What kicked off this train of thought was a report on how open support for candidates (e.g., yard signs) is not very prevalent this year:

As Nov. 8 approaches, fewer people than usual are displaying their political affiliation via signs or stickers because tensions are running so high. Residents in Dedham said they understand why people are hesitant to make their political views public.

Some said they would worry about their car getting destroyed if they attached a political bumper sticker. Others said they’d be afraid of violence if they advertised support for Donald Trump because many in Massachusetts vote Democrat.

I can relate to that.  The violence we have seen this season (with hindsight – now likely due to Democrat shenanigans) is serious.  Just watch this in its entirety:

The people attacked by the cowardly thugs were peacefully participating in our democracy. So obviously just participating in the process for Trump supporters comes with a clear threat.

Side note: One wonders about the silly Chris Wallace question about peaceful transitions, and why he did not ask Hillary if she would direct all her supporters to allow a peaceful election!

I can now see why yard signs and bumper stickers are a rare (and brave) occurrence.

So if people are afraid to openly announce they support Trump with signs and stickers, maybe they are also afraid to tell pollsters who they support as well?

Does not seem unreasonable. Clinton supporters have nothing to really fear, but Trump supporters have seen a string of attacks (and now confessions) and they know are being targeted.

Seems to me there could be a lot of false polling responses out there if this is true. It may be the Democrats created an environment that naturally produces a false tilt towards Hillary in the polls. One which of course will be ripped away come election day in the privacy and anonymity of the voting booth.



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