Oct 09 2016

Vast Majority In ABC Poll Want Trump To Stay In Race

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OK, this poll really stunned me. I knew the media’s big ‘sleaze gun’ misfired, but this is a pretty amazing poll result. Of course, the ABC News headline screams:

43 Percent Of Americans Say Trump Should Withdraw From Presidential Race

Given the headline, I was expecting the ‘Trump stay’ tally to be less than 43% with ‘no opinion’ making up the difference. But that is not what I found – 57% say he should stay in!

Now it could be a large swath of the 57% wanting Trump to stay are  happy Clinton supporters – but I doubt it.  And I know Bill Kristol and other #NeverTrump idjits are going to land in the 43% side.

So what is going on here? How is it nearly 60% of those polled are not buying into the political elite’s game plan?

The other question in the poll (does it make you more or less likely to voter for him) shows completely opposite results.

It seems to me if this is accurate, Hillary’s high-water mark in the voting could be mid-to-low 40’s.

This could be a peek at what will happen in November, when the protest votes for the 3rd party candidates wither (as they always do) and voters make a choice. Could Trump be in better shape than the polls and pundits think? My guess is this poll did not have a “likely voter” turnout filter that would “adjust” the results.



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