Jul 10 2006

NY Times Did Serious Damage To Our Terrorism Defenses

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The Washington Prowler is hot on the story about how the news media, in its obsession to get Bush, has truly crippled our nation’s defenses against terrorism:

Despite the Bush administration’s giving the New York Times and Los Angeles Times the courtesy of full briefings leading into the papers’ decision to publish top secret information about the SWIFT terrorism financing monitoring program, the N.Y. Times reporters involved never gave the Bush administration the courtesy of informing it of what specifically they would be reporting before the stories hit the papers, according to a Department of Justice source.

The fact the news media blindsided law enforcement about the content of what they reported further supports my conjecture that the Tunnel bombing plot round up, which was not successful, was triggered by the NY Times story on the terrorist financial tracking. While communications in the age of cell phones and IM and web pages and Internet Cafe’s can be very tough to track, tracing money is not so difficult and is like a silent beacon on a moving target. At least it was until Bill Keller and the NY Times had their God-Complex fit. The connections are obvious since the bombing plot was to move into the surveillance of targets, which meant terrorists coming here to see first hand where they could kill the most Americans. What we cannot forget is the fact 5 of these people remain at large – which is why the round up was unsuccessful. The media forced law enforcement to move before it was ready.

In the case of the SWIFT program leak, the Department of Justice and the Treasury Department are both attempting to confirm how much material damage the Times’s stories have wrought.

“We aren’t going to get into specifics in public now, but I think when we brief the House and Senate in the coming days we will be able to make a clear and persuasive case that the SWIFT leak has severely set our efforts back on a number of fronts and on a number of investigations,” says a Treasury official familiar with the preparations of the Congressional briefings. “Depending on where we come out of things, some of us are of a mindset to recommend that as much information as possible that we can allow to be declassified should be declassified, so that the American people can see just how much damage the Times has caused.”

Emphasis mine. Set backs on a number of investigations. We may need to expose the NY Times in order to clearly show how Bill Keller and the NY Times are risking our lives with their personal, partisan vendettas. One thing is clear though, the press access for the NY Times should be completely shutdown for years. And it seems this would not be a precendent setting move:

That would appear to be a reference to New York Times reporter Eric Lichtblau, who has covered the Department of Justice off and on for more than four years, and who at one time had his press credentials suspended by the DOJ press office. Only after his Times bosses interceded and promised a more even-handed approach to reporting was his access to the Department restored.

Well, let’s just agree that Lichtblau and the NY Times have had their last chance at redemption. Hat Tip Michelle Malkin

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  1. Carol_Herman says:

    I’ll stab at this for $500, Alex.

    The NY Times greatest fear is that they are IRRELEVANT. Not anymore!

    I also think they originally grew from their adolesence, as ringleaders in a soviet circle. Back in those days these things were called “cells.” They were massed produced. But no particular cell knew more than five people. And, most of those people were anti-social. So they weren’t in the business of collecting friends. Just dispensing communist drivel.

    Just in case you thought pinch was “one of a kind.” He isn’t. He’s just what’s left after the failures became obvious.

    And, instead of going out as a tabloid daily would; with screaming headlines about sex scenes. Which are 42nd street is always for sale down in the gutter. They’ve chosen this route BECAUSE THEY SEE IT AS HEROIC.

    And, because they know what a disaster lurks inside the criminal courts buildings. How so? Too many incompetent judges. Chosen for their genetalia; and their otherwise nondescript “special-ness.” No. They didn’t have to be fellow travelers. Nope. Not at all. Just the kinds of crap that got credentialed; as Western Civilization courses went flying out the window. Need a time line? Stanford tossed out the curriculum to independent thinking; and the richness of the inherited ancient world (the true abode of the humanists of old; which was a key to the Renaissance; writing and language. As the Catholic Church … of all places … Since the humanist Pope Leo X fed Michaelangelo and Da Vinci. And, gave the greatest Italian artists jobs. “Humanist” by the way was the “script” invented for the alphabet that we’d recognize, today, as our lower case letters. But it really made printed pages easier to read. And, yes, the Catholic Church had one of the most devine libraries in the world by then. Many manuscripts saved into Latin. But read only by a few.)

    Imagine what happens when literacy gains ground. And, you begin to understand the powers of the written word.

    And, what happens to a communist temple like the NY Times, as it understands it’s lost esteem and value.

    So, you’re surprised they’re spilling secrets?

    I’m just surprised that our laws don’t have counter-measures. Threatening pinch with lowered stock prices (while it was the Enron company that paid full price for losing share value) … should make ya wonder that life’s not fair.

    As to the end of the road for Marx? You’re kidding me, RIIGHT? That guy didn’t have a friend in the world when he was alive. (Okay. He had one. Engels. And, he lived off of Engels’ money. So it’s no wonder that all welfare recipients are enamored.)

    There are similar diseases that have traversed the world. The Black Plague. AIDS. It used to be, Polio. But not everyone, even in the worst of times, gets it.

    And, after a period of time most people just stop being afraid. (Here’s a hint. Kids today are unaware of what the fears of polio were like back in the 1940’s. Up to the Salk vaccine; circa 1952?)

    So while the NY Times continues to be a great resource for our enemies to peruse our secrets; it does cut into the Aldrich Ames types who put this stuff up for sale, anyway. Or who sent out pieces of candy, like Valerie Plame. Where she worked under cover. And, the men who gave her secrets thought she was an accommodating boob.

    Maybe, we’d be better off if we looked at “secrets” as having the shelf life of unpasturated milk, kept out, unrefrigerated?

    I know we’re stronger than our enemies. But we’d reduce our problems with a better kill ratio. And, less hanky panky trying to convince terrorists and communists that ours is a better way.

  2. granitroc says:


    Sometimes I think you are just plain nuts and other times as clear eyed and brilliant as our two new Supreme Court justices! Unfortunately, I think few have any grasp (or historic perspective) of the long time communist infiltration of US journalism (especially in NY circles) to relate to what you have just said.

    Some would view your comments as just right wing rant, but I believe there is much truth in what you have said. If anyone doubts this, start with a recent book by Sam Tanenhaus called Whittaker Chambers. His life story should be enough to convince anyone of the veracity of your claims.

    US communists never really died out even after the fall of the Soviet Union. I don’t know if they still maintain cells, or hold meetings, or even report to handlers, but neither do I think they changed stripes either. Why out themselves? They all have comfortable jobs and fellow travelers to help them bring down Western institutions.

    They have found two very good homes, journalism and the democrat party. As long as they have the power of the press, they never will be exposed – maybe. While the NY Times may become as dead as a dodo, the internet remains as powerful a vehicle for the left to continue to spout its drivel as any. Fortunately, as yet, the right can play this game too.

    And as long as they have a legitimate party to nest in (one that occasionally gets power), they can perpetuate themselves by putting the “left” people in high public places (see the Supreme Court for example). Fortunately, as the democrat party becomes more extreme (and pure), the true extremism they spout will, I believe, turn the common person away.

    I omitted universities as a comfortable nest. I think things are slowly changing there. Students (as a reflection of society in general) are much more conservative now and more skeptical of left wing professors. As a result, I don’t think recruiting there is as sucessful as in the past. As the left wing professors age and retire, I think, hope, and pray, that this parasite will diminish.

    Or maybe I’m just as crazy as you are.