Jul 10 2006

Canadian Link To Terror Plot

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We have known for years that Canada has been a potential threat risk because of its lax immigration regulations, and the fact many Al Qaeda veterans have decided to move to Canada recently. So is it a surprise to see the one known person rounded up the NY City tunnel bombing plot in Lebanon had ties to Canada and possibly visited there?

Canadian police questioned a man they suspect of active involvement in the conspiracy, but he was released because there wasn’t enough evidence to hold him beyond the period of interrogation, the Canadian Press has learned.

And CBC News reported that in Lebanon, Hammoud’s mother said her son had a Canadian girlfriend and had visited her there.

My guess is the Toronto 7 who were rounded up earlier this year may have been connected to this overseas element, which was ‘disrupted’ because a leak to the media by some idiot in the government forced authorities to move before they were ready. The result is one person in Canada is free on insufficient evidence and 5 others are running around free. And we can all thank the news media for this debacle. What will be unfortunate is whether the media’s self-absorption will lead to any deaths. Five suspected terrorists on the loose is five too many.

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