Sep 26 2016

Is HRC Up For The Job Of POTUS Or Not? Tonight May Tell!

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Tonight’s highly anticipated debate should either confirm or debunk a major “theory” roiling the internet – Is Hillary Rodham Clinton physically up to being the next President of the United States?

This debate is going to be 90 minutes long with no breaks.  That alone would test just about anyone. But if the theories about HRC “freezing” are true, there is a very good chance this event may trigger the condition in some form.  Cameras will be on her arriving and departing I am sure. And of course, there will be a lot of stress and pressure to perform well.

HRC is clearly the under dog in the debate, because she represents the status quo America is so ready to reject. The political elites and their globalist agenda (to line their pockets) are definitely not on the voters’ “most loved” list.  Globalism, the news media, government, economy, security, direction of the country are all very unpopular right now.  And HRC represents them all.

Trump is the beneficiary of low expectations, mostly provided by his enemies who have claimed he is a low-brow, mean, loose cannon. If he avoids all of that, his critics get to wear a lot of egg on their face.

So the question is, will it dawn on HRC how bad it really is going (even though the audience will be rife with political elites, globalists and cronies)? Will the stress or some other event cause her to “freeze’?

I would wager that if HRC makes it through tonight without any indications of a health issue, that will all be behind her (and rightfully so).  She already is carrying the baggage of the political elites, the globalist agenda, the crooked cronyism and the status quo – Trump really does not need her to carry the additional albatross of not being healthy enough to be President.

But if the combined insight if millions of minds working in unison across the internet is actually correct ….?

This night could easily be the election. And it could easily be another boring 90 minutes in political theater.  Cannot wait to find out which one it will be!

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