Sep 19 2016

Political Elites Are The Truly “Nonredeemable Deplorables”

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I think it is time America shoved a mirror into the faces of the Deplorable and Nonredeemable Political Elites.

Beginning with Juan Williams and his hate-filled screed:

She called out the haters, the bigots and the racists as a “basket of deplorables.”

So, I see a lot of deplorable behavior. But some political thought-leaders — including some Clinton supporters — prefer to excuse it as the actions of a few misguided people and not representative of most Trump supporters.

So Juan, when did Hillary and the DNC challenge the Trump Haters on the Left? I dare you to watch the whole video below.  Watch it and then realize Trump is NOT Davide Duke or Alex Jones. And if you think he is, then you and Hillary are nothing more than leaders to street thugs – and these are YOUR people!

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