Sep 09 2016

News Media Is Wearing Titanium Blinders This Election Cycle

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This is a “populist” election cycle.

Coming on the heels of Brexit and in tandem with many other anti-globalist-cronyism movements, it is a societal reaction that has been building for years (since Bush 2, and definitely since the Tea Party before it was co-opted by the Political Elite). When the elite bend and break the rules to line their pockets, and the masses end up being severely financially impacted in return, then there is going to be a visceral response to those hoarding the nation’s riches and opportunities.

What is amazing is the depth of ignorance (or compliance) in the news media. Take Jonathan Chait at the New York Times, who has been in near constant apocalyptic fit since the “debate” on national security.

His conniption hit a new level with a brilliantly self-projecting article entitled:

Hillary Clinton Is a Flawed But Normal Politician. Why Can’t America See That?

My only quibble with Chait is I would title it:

Hillary Clinton Is a Flawed But Typical Politician. Why Can’t America See That?

My only response is to inform Chait of the blatantly obvious:  Of course we see Clinton as a typical and flawed politician!!

So were the establisment GOP contenders in the primary.  So are all the power brokers in the Political Industrial Complex (PIC). So is the pliant, PIC-suckling news media.

Why do you think Clinton is sinking in the polls during an election cycle where the vast majority of voters on Main Street USA see the country heading in the wrong direction? Does this translate to “more of the same please?”!!

Why would a swath of voters who sees their slice of the American Dream being trampled want more of the same policies from the “globalist” Political Elite sitting behind their gated communities in their posh mansions?

Of course we see her that way. She is simply not what the country wants – nor deserves.

The PIC should realize that when their best argument is “the worst of us is better than anyone from outside the PIC” – they have hit rock bottom.  And it is sooooo obvious!

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