Jul 07 2006

Democrats Re-elect Tom Delay

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In what has to be a stunningly stupid move, Democrats challenged Tom Delay’s efforts to retire by forcing his name to remain on the ballot in his district. The Democrats went so far as to get a judge to eliminate all exit strategies for Delay. If Delay cannot get out of the way of a new candidate there is nothing stopping him from reversing himself and pledging to another two year term. Delay retired so as to not be a drag on Reps this year, but since Democrats are the ones forcing him back into the race and he made the honorable gesture, the Dems have neutralized any and all damage they could get out of Delay running again! And I am sure Delay would win. Only Democrats could conceive of such a numbskull move that gives Delay and the Reps a big PR boost like this. Too funny. Welcome back Tom – your seat is ready for one more term if your willing.

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  1. MerryJ1 says:

    I wish! But I think he’s moved to Virginia. Unless he relocates back to his Texas district, I don’t think he’s eligible to serve.

    Keeping his name on the ballot eliminates another candidate from running as a Republican. It’s the same as when a candidate dies before an election but after his name is on the ballot. Another candidate name cannot replace the deceased’s name.

    The Party then has to run the dead guy, or lose the election. That’s how Ashcroft lost his Missouri Senate seat — his opponent was killed in an airplane crash, the Dem Party tossed all the mud and garbage they could make up, and Ashcroft couldn’t respond (mustn’t speak ill of the dead), so Ashcroft lost to the dead guy.

  2. retire05 says:

    But DeLay is not dead. And it takes five minutes to reinstate his driver’s license in Texas and reestablish residency. We can chalk this up to the “One Stupid Move” record books for the Dems.
    And of course the judge would rule the way he did. He is an Austin (SanFrancisco of the Southwest) Democrat appointed by Bush I.
    The Dems wonder why the keep loosing seats in Texas. Funny, self inflicted gun shot wounds to the foot has a way of making someone lame.