Jul 05 2006

Kim Il Jong’s Ill Fated Ploy

North Korea tried to intimidate the world yesterday with a serious of rocket launches, which culminated in a series of spectacular failures:

A Pentagon official said there were “multiple launches from multiple locations” and added that more launches may come from North Korea in the coming days.

The 9,300-mile-range Taepodong-2, which can reach parts of the United States, appeared to have failed after 42 seconds of flight, said U.S. officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Officials had no other details on the failed Taepodong test or the missile that landed close to Russia. The other launches were of shorter-range missiles — the 620-mile-range Nodong missile and a Scud-type missile with a range of 300 to 500 miles.

Seems North Korea’s missiles are as reliable as Kim Il Jong’s mind is stable. Two misfires, one being their vaulted intercontinental ‘missile’, which is really a cludged integration of shorter range systems. I am not dismissing this threat in the least. The fact fool shot off a display of incompetence has shown how truly crazy this guy is. And that makes him dangerous because he is crazy.

But he exposed how shoddy his missile technology is and provided us and the world a clear realization: do something now before someone shows North Korea how to fix their cobbled-together ‘master weapon’. I liked Cheney’s comments this week when he told North Korea to not go threatening a single launch if you are in no position to launch a lot of missiles, and accurately. We could carpet every square inch of North Korea from subs, planes and our silos in the states. It is a reminder that if Kim Il Jong wants to see how it is really done, he simply has to make a big mistake.

I am especially interested in the short range missile failure which almost hit Russia (if it was a failure). To not have accurate short range missiles simply means the long range variety will have much bigger errors when they try and scale up. This is why the guy is dangerous. He could accidentally call for the annilation of his people by a failure that hits something near and dear to the countries aligned against NK.

Outside our troops stationed in South Korea, America is probably best prepared to defend against a missile attack.

The U.S. government was prepared to shoot down the Taepodong-2 if it appeared to be heading to U.S. or allied territory, using the new limited missile-defense system with interceptors deployed in Alaska and California.

I will not go into speculating on details not out in the public right now, but I will say I am confident we probably have a multi-tiered capability if we need to use it. What is truly important now for the blogosphere to investigate and expose is the decades long Democrat resistance to even a limited anti-missile defense system. In an election year such as this, presenting the short-sighted and irresponsible resistance to what limited capabilities we have now to deal with North Korea can be the best example of why the left cannot be trusted to lead this nation. The conservatives want a defensive shield of interceptors, the left wanted to try singing Kumbaya with Kim Il Jong. Bush and Co. will not expose these historic mistakes by the left because they need their support in facing the challenge now. And the liberal media would never even think of this as being a problem. That leaves this to the bloggers.

Let’s begin with the common cry from the left, “it will never work” from May 2000. Then there was Clinton’s infamous inability to make key decisions, so he punted them to the next President in June of 2000. Kerry, as usual, is looking the fool because in 2004 he wanted cut back on those systems now standing between us and a North Korean Missile. General Wesley Clarke illustrated how he has trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time when he claimed Bush let 9-11 happen by being too focused on Missile Defense – thankfully Bush could do more than one thing at once. Nancy Pelois, the penultimate liberal from San Fran-(fry us now!)-cisco was adamently against a missile shield in 1999, when everything looked so rosey. Her proirity? Education. Senator Dick (our military are Nazis) Durbin was against fielding anything but a perfect system (which in the world of reality means fielding nothing).

Folks, you can play along too! Simply type in the name of your favorite liberal followed by the words “missile defense system” into your preferred search engine. So if you type in “Kennedy, missile defense system’ one of the first listing you will see is this one! Everyone can now help the RNC show how badly the left played this issue over all these years.

Update: Pamela at Atlas Shrugs was quick to respond with this post which illustrates Madeilline Albright’s naivette in dealing with North Korea, leaving us with the threat we see today.

Update: Seems everyone is surprised we were on alert and ready to defend this nation from an errant or deliberate missile attack. This kind of reporting is why I created The Duh! Files because the news would be if this was not the case. Why is this a surprise to anyone? Is this BDS showing its ignorant face again?

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  1. North Korea Crazy Kim Watch – II…

    Well Crazy Kim took a shot, well, three of them, just to coincide with the Shuttle lift off….

  2. pagar says:

    Guess what we would have had for missile defense if John Kerry had been elected President in 2004.
    ¨¨¨¨ Kerry, as usual, is looking the fool because in 2004 he wanted cut back on those systems now standing between us and a North Korean Missile.¨¨¨¨
    Can you imagine a missile defense system ran by the UN?

  3. MerlinOS2 says:

    The “Sounds of Silence” from the left on this situation and the NYT situation are instructive. Hard to say Bush Lied when his Axis of Evil gets supported by reality. How many of Korea’s missles did Iran buy?
    Oh well fall back to the Ruskies and the Chicom.

    First the Big Z takes a dirt nap and now this, gosh even the OBL talking points got drowned out.

    Arrgh, Kos save us.

  4. Carol_Herman says:

    Spectaacular failures works for me.

    The ding-dong nut in North Korea starves his people. And, then his fireworks don’t shoot and work. Exactly as it should be.

    Like the recent fly-over of Israeli jets on pencil-necked Assad’s summer abode. Let ’em call putin and complain. This crap doesn’t come to them by the way of technology and a master school system. They buy it at the bazaar. And, ya know? No returns.

  5. Where’s The Response To N. Korea’s Missile Launch?…

    Independence Day 2006, was one of the more bizarre birthdays in our nation’s history. After several days of postponement, NASA launched the Discovery shuttle, marking the first Independence Day launch ever. Troubling, however, were the numerous object…

  6. For Enforcement says:

    That was some excellent links to show us that those Dems just don’t want this country protected against illegal immigrants, (oops, wrong subject) uh, I meant ballistic missiles.

  7. ReidBlog says:

    North Korea … major league mini-threat…

    So much for the Axis of Evil….

  8. buckblog says:

    It appears North Korea may be ready to launch more missiles, including the long range JD Byrider class (it gets off the lot then dies). I guess they didn’t get enough attention the first time around.

    What would happen if there were a missile launching and no one cared?

  9. You Be Illin’…

    Consider that L’il Kim is busy raising hell by launching missile after missile, and now threatens to launch even more. As if the first series of launches weren’t enough of a failure. It’s tricky after all to get missiles to operate properly. The Nor…