Jun 21 2016

Will The UK Brexit?

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My previous post on Brexit can be found here. It included a “must see” video on why the United Kingdom must free itself from the bureaucratic tyranny of the European Union. It notes how the EU is run by people who are not elected by anyone. A bureaucracy that is completely isolated from the citizens of Europe, living the pampered rich life away from those who pay the hard earned taxes.

The EU is like a cancer, sucking the economic life out of the majority of hard-working, average people. To see where this is all heading all we have to do is look south – to Venezuela. Back in December, it was clear the country was heading for economic implosion, but the political elites did nothing to avoid mass tragedy:

From the vantage point of the well-kept lawns and overstuffed antique chairs of the exclusive Caracas Country Club, Venezuela doesn’t look so bad.

Much of the oil-rich country is crippled by rising inflation, a lack of basic goods and rampant violence that could lead to the ruling United Socialist party losing control of the legislature for the first time in 17 years in Sunday’s elections. But at this exclusive club, set on the leafy slopes of the El Avila mountain, those troubles seem a world away.

Elegantly bowtied waiters offer club members and their guests an extensive menu, including lobster bisque, lobster ceviche, lobster salad and grilled lobster. Outside the grand mansion clubhouse, a sparkling swimming pool gives way to an 18-hole golf course.

While most of these have been middle-class professionals looking for better economic opportunities, the elites are also choosing to live elsewhere.

“I would say that 99% of the 1% in Venezuela have a second home somewhere else,” the businessman said.

The Nero’s of Venezuela fiddle as their country falls apart around them. Venezuela started on this socialist path early, so they are leading the charge into economic oblivion. How far behind is the EU?

In Europe there are some incredibly successful holdouts from the EU – Switzerland and Norway. They enjoy extremely high living standards. The UK could join them this week and begin to turn Europe away from an economic implosion, driven by a self-absorbed and distant bureaucracy. A path away from the Venezuela model.

I think Brexit reflects our choices in this election year here in America. I think the rise of Donald Trump is just like Brexit, a broad-based feeling that something at the top is seriously rotten, and we need to chart a different course.

Our American Political Elite have been striving to insulate themselves from the unwashed masses for decades, and with the support of the Political Industrial Complex have come very close to ensuring no one from the outside can break into the club and remove their greedy hands from the trove of tax revenues. They would love to be in the EU, where the voters have no redress and no way to upend the bureaucrats’ control.

I believe the UK will vote for Brexit on the 23rd. While the polls look close, the phenomena I have seen in recent years is that those who don’t trust the Political Elite tend to not trust their pollsters (who are part and parcel of the overall Political Industrial Complex). So I see the anti “big government” voters hesitant to respond to pollsters, which tends to over sample the pro “big government” voters.

This shows up in the US as a bias towards the Democrats, who tend to poll better than the vote comes out in the end.  The difference between sampling “adults”, “registered voters” and “likely voters”, which trend more republican has you move from the general populace to the actual voters.

Anyway, my feeling is the United Kingdom has become so anxious with the EU shenanigans that they instinctively understand they need to change course.  And I think the same anxiousness has begun to ripple through the American electorate.

This could be a pivotal year for humankind, where the unwashed masses take back their self-governance from command central.

To understand how critical these votes are to self governance, please watch the entire Brexit video.



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