Jul 03 2006

Left Never Accepts Defeat

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Sound familiar?

Mexico’s left, still smarting from a 1988 presidential vote it says was stolen from it, simmered with anger on Monday as its dreams of power were frustrated by another contested election.

“They robbed us in 1988. I don’t want that again,” said Sanchez. She said she felt “hurt and anger” when electoral authorities announced on Sunday night the race between Lopez Obrador and Calderon was too close to call..

It should sound familiar. Seems the left has serious issues whenever they have to deal with defeat, no matter what country. It makes sense. They only believe in forms of governments in which they have popular support (thus why the left opines for more EU like government in the US and their love of Castro’s medical benefits for the masses!).

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  1. Rob says:

    The left believes in democrasy if they win, but they have issues when they lose. It is clear that Europe is being structured so that the ruling leftist elites can continue without too much worry about the voters objecting. Here in the United States, the left hopes that allowing felons to vote and those without much id can turn things in their favor. But when they lose its never their fault, no they was robbed!

  2. patch says:

    1988? That was 18 year ago!

    Well, if we’re going to start that, I’m annoyed about the 1960 US Presidential race, and the 1948 Texas Senate Race, and I’m pretty sure Tilden was cheated.

    The correct reponse when you’re on the losing side in a democracy is,”Wait till next time!”

  3. pagar says:

    I think it depends on who is defeated. John Kerry sure worked hard enough to make sure that we were defeated in Vietnam. Even going to
    Congress and telling them:
    ¨¨¨¨¨¨ I have been to Paris. I have talked with both delegations at the peace talks, that is to say the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and the Provisional Revolutionary Government ¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨
    From his 22 Apr 1971 speech to the US Senate subcommittee on Foreign Relations: http://www.nationalreview.com/document/kerry200404231047.asp

    Jack Murtha has consistantly been on the side of defeat:
    from the BootMurtha blog
    Murtha: wrong in 1993, wrong now!

    “We will continue, God willing, to fight you and your allies everywhere, in Iraq and Afghanistan and in Somalia and Sudan until we waste all your money and kill your men and you will return to your country in defeat as we defeated you before in Somalia.”
    — Osama bin Laden said in a late June 2006 audio taped release

    “Representative Murtha, has urged Clinton to withdraw U.S. forces from Somalia”
    — Rep. John Murtha on the Conflict in Somalia, Associated Press, September 22, 1993

    There are probably thousand of quotes from these two on how
    America should accept defeat in Iraq. Plus they are joined by hundreds of other leftists who urge us to ¨¨cut and run¨¨´.