Jul 02 2006

F22 Raptors Take Wing

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The most advanced and awesome fighter jet of all history has returned from a deployment in Alaska to its base in Langley VA (I cannot wait for my next visit to next-door NASA Langley so I can see a Raptor overhead!). This plane is amazing. I had no idea they were ready to go fully operational. They are fast and invisible, making them extremely deadly:

“From an adversary’s standpoint, if there is a F-22 around, you don’t know,” said Lt. Gen. Douglas Fraser, Alaskan Command, 11th Air Force and Alaska NORAD Region Commander.

Read the whole thing and see the Raptor here

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  1. Beto Ochoa says:

    This is indeed an amazing fighter. I have been a prototype and model machinist for thirty two years and have helped build all kinds of experimental aircraft, nuclear submarines and NASA spacecraft. It is our nations machinists and engineers who have kept us ahead of the rest of the planet in qualified hardware. The engineers who designed and crews who machined the hardware, built the avionics, and assembled this Raptor are heros in their own right. They learned so much in the pursuit of this project it will transform how we build the next generation of fighters. In other words, You aint seen nothin’ yet.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    For an even more extensive look at the F22 with lots of into


  3. But I am worried about the level of infiltration of Chinese spying and the theft of all the secrets from Clinton till now.