Jun 03 2016

Leftwing/Immigrant America Echoes Nazi Fascism

Update: Michael Goodwin asks the same question in the NY Post today I pondered when news of the San Jose violence broke:

Are President Obama, Hillary Clinton and violent leftists in cahoots to elect Donald Trump? Or are they just idiots?

The evidence is overwhelming that they all belong to a conspiracy — either of secret GOP sympathizers or of dunces. Those are the only options after Democrats took turns denouncing Trump in ways that actually bolstered the potency of his arguments. Three examples tell the tale.

End Update:

Yesterday during a Trump campaign event in San Jose, CA (whose mayor is a Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter) violence erupted and average American citizens were attacked by a mob who claimed to represent illegal immigrants. It was a disgusting and despicable scene (click link to see the videos). A woman was cornered by a mob of people and pelted with eggs, another – who was pregnant – was hit and knocked down.

And of course this all made sense to the Mayor of San Jose:

An angry mob pelted eggs, tomatoes, and bottles at the spectators—as well as the police, who tried (and failed) to maintain some semblance of order. Other Trump supporters were set upon and punched. One was left with blood streaming down his face. (See representative video below.)

The mayor of San Jose, Democrat Sam Liccardo, reacted angrily to the events. Not that he was particularly upset at the violent mob that attacked innocent Americans, of course. No, his ire was directed at Mr. Trump. “At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign,” the mayor said. Apparently it was downright “irresponsible” of Trump to even set foot in California’s third largest city.

This incident (and all previous ones) is going to shore up Donald Trumps “base” like nothing else could.  If Hillary and Bernie do not come out – without hesitation and without caveats – and denounce these acts – including a DEMAND that they end – they will be awarded at the ballot box this fall with the rest of the Democrats.

I only wish the Rolling Thunder had been in San Jose to help protect our democracy from the lunatic fringe.

Let’s see the leftwing/immigrant rabble get through these folks to attack innocent people!

The violence reminded me that those who claim Trump is a fascist/racist are actually projecting their own devils onto the GOP presidential candidate. It is these leftwing/immigrant protesters who are mimicking the tactics of Nazi Germany in the 1930’s:

On the night of November 9, 1938, violence against Jews broke out across the Reich. It appeared to be unplanned, set off by Germans’ anger over the assassination of a German official in Paris at the hands of a Jewish teenager. In fact, German propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels and other Nazis carefully organized the pogroms. In two days, over 250 synagogues were burned, over 7,000 Jewish businesses were trashed and looted, dozens of Jewish people were killed, and Jewish cemeteries, hospitals, schools, and homes were looted while police and fire brigades stood by.

Emphasis mine.

The true fascists  are those demanding California – and the US – are really part of Mexico. Which of course was a region conquered by a different European nation – Spain (that is why Mexicans speak “Hispaniola” – and not Aztec). It is no coincidence these interlopers have been at every Trump event in California and Arizona and beyond:

A threat from the Texas protests:

“If these people get what they want, Trump in there, I guarantee you — you think the Mexicans are going to lay down that easily? We don’t ever say nothing,” Ronald Gonzales, of Dallas, said.

“It ain’t gonna happen,” Gonzales said. “You really want the Mexicans to really, really stir, really get mad? Y’all don’t understand — we aren’t the minority anymore. We own Texas. Texas is Mexican-made. I’m five generations deep right here.”

This ain’t Mexico, and the only difference  between now and 1938 is these modern political “progroms” are not being done all in one night. They are spread out across political events so as to try and run under the media radar.

People are welcome here in America as long as they obey our laws. You would not let someone stay in your house who begins trashing it and attacking your family would you? We won’t either. If the Mexican community want to live here, do it peacefully. Remember – you are also primarily of European descent! We are not naive or stupid.

Of course, this is going to push most African-Americans away from the Democrats – they have been in the US longer than the Mexican-Americans and earned their freedoms from oppression. American fought a bloody civil war (whites against whites) to fix that mess. These descendants of slaves cannot stand the Hispanic immigrants’ comparison of their free-will migration into the US to that of African slaves snatched from their homes (and I actually do not blame them – Hispanics were slavers of Africans and American Indians too).

I also see these brutish tactics pushing the working class and unions towards Trump.  These are the people who have been out of work – or working 3 part time jobs – because of Liberal nonsense under Obama. They too are fed up with infusion of outsiders taking their jobs and laying foreign flags.

Americans  fought the brutalities of Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany. So don’t think these threats will cower us. I suspect and hope there will be increasing protection (like the Rolling Thunder) at all Trump events for the everyday citizens participating in our peaceful (but raucous) election. Trump is safe, but what about our fellow citizens?

These leftwing/immigrant protestors seem to think Americans won’t defend themselves or their homes. That would be a really dumb assumption:

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