Jul 02 2006

Hugh Hewitt Vs Lichtbau

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Addendum: Actually a thought experiment: Everyone knew we were going to invade Iraq (and Kuwait 11 years prior to free that country). Yet by the NY Times excuses they have given (i.e., no secret), then publishing troop movements and tactics woulnd’t make a difference since the Iraqis knew we were coming! This is why no one can give the journalist Benedict Arnolds any cover for trying to unilaterally decide the war on terrorism is over and we do not need these programs anymore.

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Listening in on the Reliable Sources program today, which was 4 to 1 liberal, and the big shoot out between Lichtbau and Hewitt it is clear they needed to stack the show with more liberals. It is not just because Hugh is sharp and quick, a lot of it had to do with how wrong the press was in exposing a national defense program which everyone agreed was not illegal. The media folks kept saying how they wrestle with these hard decisions to make more money and fame at our collective expense. And Hugh really shook all the media egotists when he echoed what most people believe (66% in a recent Fox poll). And that is the leaka need to be investigated using grand juries and journalists as witnesses to the crime they reported on. I too want to see Lichtbau and others in front of a grand jury explaining why they keep letting partisans in our government cripple our defenses.

Lichtbau is definitely a delusional fool on a crusade. In fact, as the media circles their wagons I see the same arrogance backed up by ignorance which makes them so dangerous to Americans right now. The same old sound bite came out (which is amazingly echoed by all these people in the press – who says they don’t coordinate their messages!). Who with a straight face can say ‘we do not publish troop movements’ when these intel programs are the equivalent of troop movements. I don’t have the link, but people had to be brought back out of harms way (sound like Valerie Plame?) before the story struck. Do you know the difference between leaking troop movements and these terrorist programs? If you leak troop movements our troops are at risk – but at least they are armed. If you leak the NSA programs – which are meant to detect a pending attack – then you risk the lives of unsuspecting men, woman and children who are trying to go about their daily routines. So next time the media trots out how tough a decision this was, and how they would never risk lives of our troops, ask them how they could rationalize risking civilian lives then?

Most telling was Lichtbau’s determination that enough time had passed since 9-11 so there should be no need for these kinds of ‘agressive anti-terrorism programs’ anymore. He admits the focus of these programs is the terrorists. He admits they had reason to exist post 9-11. He has just unilaterally decided it is time to declare the war on terrorism over and dismantle these programs! Talk about delusions of grandeur. Lichtbau is also the human race’s first mind reader. Because he is certain no ‘real’ terrorist was not aware of the administration’s efforts to track their money. As Hewitt pointed out, that was not the case with the top AQ terrorist in Asia who was snagged by this program

The media is staging a coup d’etat. They have usurped our elected leaders in determing what needs to be classified or not. They have decided when the war on terrorism should be scaled back. They decide when it is time to reduce troops in Iraq. They have become omnipotent gods in their own little minds.

I can easily figure out what happened, since Lichtbau and Risen take everything their partisan leakers say as gospel and dismiss everything the Bush administration says as irrelevant. They are the classic Benedict Arnold dupes, who see themselves as mighty heros, as deviosu people use them for their own purposes. Just like the NSA story the NY Times was duped on, some leftward leaning saboteurs inside the government fed the gullible NY Times a story of rampant misuse and invasion of privacy in another secret Bush program. This time the story did not pan out as they leakers explained, the journalists could not find anything wrong on the surface. In fact, the Bush administration spent months opening the program up to the media’s scrutiny in an attempt to demonstrate what a fool’s errand the media was on. But instead of realizing what dupes they had been, the media concluded something had to be there so expose it and let the sun prove them right.

It is a classic DC beltway scenario. Partisans in this town will do anything to win. They are that desperate and that cut throat. Then you get these journalists whose only job is to report on other people’s accomplishments, but who have been told mythical stories about journalists exposing great evils! So far, these journalists have exposed the very core of our non-military response to terrorism. First thing Lichtbau and his ilk need to do is prove their leakers were not partisan. The truth is obvious, but the public exposure of their gullibility is necessary to tear the veil of credibility from these people.

But we also need to remind America of our prime goals in these times. We need to find the terrorists, track their communications and their money. Lichtbau says this is not needed anymore. He has convinced himself the war is over because there has been no attacks since 9-11. It has never crossed his mind that the reason we have not been attacked is because we used to monitor their communications and follow their money. In Lichtbau’s mind, what he exposed is of no value anymore so he is free to put us all at risk based on his very limited and naive understanding of what he is dealing with. Lichtbau does need to be in front of a grand jury – and this month.

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  1. carol johnson says:



    Extremely well written! Thank you.


  2. Beto Ochoa says:

    What was paramount to the success of the SWIFT monitoring was the cooperation of the Euro banking entities. That people in high places knew the tranfers were monitored was passe but the citizenry was not as informed. Also, the level of scrutiny and US Intel involvement was not so widely known even amongst the better informed. The Times effectively shouted in bold “These people are against Islam!” in a community where the Islamists have a powerful and intimidating foothold, the community those bankers have to live in, so it is those bankers who are personally at risk. Now there are public moves to stop that cooperation with the US specifically in order to kow tow to the broader Islam community. I am only surprised that the Times did not print the names and address of the bankers involved with pictures of their houses.

  3. W-Girl says:

    Agreed, Hugh Hewitt was BRILLIANT !!

    Loved it when he told the NYT Terrorist ….he wanted to see him before a grand jury (in JAIL) !! Or exposed as the biggest traitor for exposing his 20 leakers to save his own backside !!

    It’s only been a week but I am so tired of hearing the lame excuses these NYT Terrorists come up with that contradicts the previous argument they have made !! Hard to justify what they have done even for them !!

    More sickening is the other MSM coming to the defense of the Treason Times !!

    Wish I could fast forward 25 years to see how history treats these
    whores !! I believe in 25 years Bush will far surpass Reagan as one of the BEST President’s this country has ever had. If Bush has any faults, it is he is too much of gentleman…just like his father !! In 25 years when all is known, Bush & Chenney will be hailed as heroes for not only waging war with AQ but for the war they had to wage with the MSM and these crybaby Demorats !!

    AJ, thanks for keeping the message circulating !!

  4. sammy small says:

    Maybe its time for bloggers to publish pictures, addresses, and home coordinates of Times journalists.

  5. Sharpshooter says:

    In keeping with the spirit and logic of the MSM in their take on the 2nd Amendment, perhaps it’s time we consider revoking the 1st Amendment.

    Certainly the CotUS, being over 200 years old, is an antiquated and anachonistic document.


  6. ivehadit says:

    And one more rebuttal, as Rich Lowery pointed out:
    If all the terrorists knew about the SWIFT monitoring, how does one explain its success?


    The Left is stepping in it all over the place. They think they have “won” over the evil empire…are they in for a very big shock!

  7. Rob says:

    Yes, I would like to see some of these people in jail.

  8. Rob says:

    I have not heard anyone explain how precious these breakthrough anti-terrorist tools are. In WWII Churchill allowed Coventry to be bombed rather than risking the secret of Ultra that told him of the bombing beforehand. Now we have the New York Times chosing to give similar secrets away. Lives and money and luck go into creating these tools, and when they are exposed they are useless. The terrorists like Himbali who were caught are no longer going to be caught. All of us are in greater danger. This is beyond foolishness and close enough to treason, for a jury to decide.

  9. scotsilv says:


    From Scot Adams’ brain malfunctions ( http://www.megat.co.uk/wrong/ ):

    Faulty Cause and Effect
    Example: On the basis of my observations, wearing huge trousers makes you fat.

  10. MerlinOS2 says:

    One problems I had with Lichtbau today he stated that the administration was sifting thru millions of bank records at will.

    I thought there was discussion that each probe of the swift data, required a supported reason that was reviewed prior to having the data returned. Thus stictly limited, audited and not a data mining type of operation.

    This is clearly different from the position he stated on this program.

  11. luc says:

    “Maybe its time for bloggers to publish pictures, addresses, and home coordinates of Times journalists.”

    This is the second time I read this type of comment and I wonder why nobody has started doing this yet. The NYT has no second thoughts publishing this sort of information on Rumsfeld and Cheney.
    I wonder how Lichtbau, Keller & all would feel having such information float around the Ineternet? Maybe the insurance rates for their properties woud go up; that should hurt 😉