May 28 2016

Federal Conundrum: Open Boarders vs Endless TSA Lines

I was struck by something Victor Davis Hansen wrote last week about how Trump will ultimately corral the GOP vote and could go on to win the presidential election. It is a good read, but when I hit this section I had an epiphany:

Trump sounds crazy—and dangerous—in his idiotic idea to ban entry into the U.S. on the basis of religion. But is that inanity any less extreme than the administration’s European-style wish to welcome in tens of thousands of mostly young males from the war-torn Middle East without any proper method of identification and audit—at a time of spikes in radical Islamic terrorism in the West? Again, Trump cannot predicate immigration on the basis of religion, but he certainly could place a temporary moratorium of all immigration from particular Middle East countries like Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya, in the way that we do not open our arms to mass influxes of Iranians and North Koreans.

Emphasis mine. When reading this I recalled pictures of illegal aliens swarming across our borders. Illegals who then infiltrated our towns and neighborhoods across the nation. A flood of humanity  no one asked Main Street USA if they were willing to open their communities to. It was simply an edict issued to the rest of us from the Political Industrial Complex in their DC-Beltway Bubble world.

But then it hit me – my epiphany! (or is it an apostrophe?).

The denizens of the Political Industrial Complex (those politicians, their staff and consultants, their cozy donors and lobbyists, and their news-media allies) don’t live in those once quiet, once peaceful, once crime-free small towns of America – or even in the areas of our bigger towns and cities – where this sea of immigrants have congregated or been directed to live. Their kids don’t go to the same schools, play on the same soccer/baseball/football teams as the all these newcomers. They are not having to adapt at all to this upheaval!

Now before anyone on the left has a hissy-fit, I live in an extremely diverse area of Virginia with all nationalities and all income levels.  And we are very happy where we live. So this is not a xenophobic rant.

What struck me was the complete and utter contradiction of (1) our Federal Government’s open border policy where scores and scores of potential terrorists can come into our country and (2) the nightmare that is air travel today, where thousands of US citizens and other documented travelers have been delayed and burdened by the very same Federal Government?

Why aren’t the 100’s of thousands of illegal immigrants even asked for a photo ID, when 100’s of thousands of air travelers must produce one to fly within our own country? Yes, planes can be turned into dangerous weapons – but so can buses, trains, stadiums, schools, etc.  Why the double standard?

Now my epiphany: Because the Denizens of the Political Industrial Complex extensively travel by air. In fact, they are probably top-flight frequent-fliers one and all!

Or they have private or chartered planes. But those private or chartered planes must land and be serviced in the very same public airports.

Of course the “elites” have limos for road travel and live in gated communities. So they are at a very low risk of any trouble coming from illegal immigrants outside the airports. They never have to rub shoulders with those illegals on a daily basis.

It just seems the issues popping this election year are manufactured to drive the voters to conclude our leaders are out of touch, isolated from the rest of the country, inept, wasteful and way too arrogant to cover for their ignorance (i.e., their clear lack of street smarts). The issues are framing the political elites as the root of our most serious problems.

The voters know it is time to fire the Politicians and their entourages, time to dismantle the Political Industrial Complex.  It has been a long time coming. We voters have heard enough promises, followed by lame excuses for failing to make good on the promises, to know there is no fix coming from inside the Political Industrial Complex.

It is time to burst the elites’ bubble and bring in new management

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