Nov 04 2014

GOP Wave Of 2014 – Live Blogging


11:25 PM- Fox News calls NC for GOP as well!

11:25 PM-  Fox News call IA for Ernst and GOP. I expect AK to follow much later tonight. NC should be called.  So +9 and will wait on VA (and NH?) for recounts. Goodnight!

11:02 PM– Dem Mark Warner is pretty much tapped out in VA. He leads by 9,000 votes with a lot to be counted in GOP favored areas. This is definitely down to the wire and a recount!

11:00 PM– GOP Perdue outright win in GA per Fox News. Waiting on NC and IA to fall… And BTW, MD Governor is is DEEP trouble for Dems

10:54 PMMy predictions which came true (yes, I know this is rare!):  KS and KY stayed GOP.  WV, MT, SD, LA, GA, CO, AR all go GOP.  Still waiting on NC, IA and AK to go GOP. That is a crazy +9 GOP!  And still we watch VA…

10:47 PM-Fox News calls KS for GOP!

10:44 PM-Drudge calls GA for GOP, KS for GOP with IA for GOP.  So far my predictions are holding (+7, +8 if you include LA).

10:36 PM-Drudge calls Iowa for GOP. Scott in FL and Walker in WI hang on.  So we have the 6 to take the Senate. Now we have to see NC, GS, KS and AK all go GOP.

10:35 PM-Fairfax County is in and Warner is not ahead enough to be called. He has less than 3,000 vote lead with a lot of GOP strongholds still out.  Fingers crossed!

10:15 PM-Fox News calling House control for GOP with a +10 pickup.  But I am looking at NC and with 82% of the vote tallied Tillis is aheadd by 2%.  Fingers crossed NC and IA give the GOP the Senate.

10:10 PM – Gillespie just jumped back up. Warner is close to running out of places to win.  Nail biter for sure.

10:08 PM – 60% of Fairfax county is in.  It could put Warner (or Gillespie) over the top.  There are plenty of GOP pockets left to report, including VA Beach.  Warner is not a shoe in by any measure. We will know before 11 PM in VA.

10:00 PM – MT falls to GOP.  So GOP +5.  Iowa is too close to call.  If nothing else, GOP has made a go of it. I admit I am worried about VA because the big numbers in NOVA are not in.  But it is closer than I have seen in many elections.

9:52 PM – Dem Udall falls to GOP Gardner! I believe this is a historic gain for the GOP in terms of beating Dem Incumbents. With LA and AK in the wings we have the Senate. Now, back to VA

9:41 PM – Fox News joins other networks in calling NH for Shaheen.  So we know the wave reached as high as NH and VA. Which means my 9 calls earlier still stand.  NC is the key.

9:17 PM – Nebraska goes GOP. But I am watching  VA and I see why no one will call this race. The Fairfax County lead by Dems is usually so big it takes a big chunk of the state to counter. But I can find 3 counties that neutralize NOVA.  I think Barbara Comstack pulled Gillespie over the edge (if not damn close).

9:00 PM – SD goes to GOP (no surprise).  If Gardner can win Colorado it will be an amazing night.  But the story tonight is VA.  Barbara Comstock looks to be winning in Fairfax and Loudoun Counties, and this could spell BIG trouble for Warner in VA.

8:35 PM – Want to know why VA is in play? Look at the exit polls:

hirty-four percent say they voted to express opposition to the president vs. only 19 percent voting to show him support.

• Republicans are turning out in greater numbers than when Mark Warner (D) won in 2008, accounting for nearly 35 percent of voters

• Nearly half say Obama’s signature 2010 health care law went too far.

• More than eight in 10 voters are worried about the direction of the economy; as many worry about a major terrorist attack alike.

Yup. Dems  lost the support of We The People

8:30 PM – Arkansas has been taken by the GOP! 2 down, 4 more to go.  Clearly with VA Senate too close to call, it is clear  wave is cresting today.  And it is a wave that is very much against Big, Incompetent Government. Will VA Fall? Not sure, looks possible. But the fact VA is in play means the anti-Dem wave is damn big.  Historic? Wait and see.

7:58 PM – Here is a much better VA Senate site.  I don’t think Warner is performing as well as he needs to. His wins are razor thin so far.  But Gillespie is rocking in his districts.

7:30PM – WV has come through with not only a GOP pick-up, but another GOP woman in the US Senate. And NC is also TOO CLOSE TO CALL!  Thank you President Obama for demonstrating the destruction of activist, liberal government.

7:25 PM – OK, I now see why there is a hesitation to call the race.  At the site listed below you can can counties coming in and the small population, GOP-heavy counties are pretty high for the GOP. We need to see some high population centers (Richmond, Newport News, Northern VA) to see what is going on.  But there is a chance Warner under performed in these key purple counties.

7:20 PM – What a night! VA Senate too close. GA Senate too close. McConnell called at the top of the hour.  Cannot wait to see the 7:30 poll closing news!   BTW, VA live results here

7:02 PM – Fox News has BIG news at the top of the hour. Mitch McConnell declared winner ALREADY!?!?!?! Wow! And the state of VA IS TOO CLOSE TO CALL!  Yep I called it! No one saw this coming but  a few of us

6:45 PM – Here we go.  My test race is the Senate race in VA.  All indications are the turnout has been on the GOP side.  And there is a lot of grumblings in the Political Industrial Complex about a POSSIBLE upset. If Warner is in trouble, or Gillespie even makes it close, then the night will be historic for the GOP and catastrophic for the Dems.  If body-language is any indicator, the Fox News crew looked giddy (with those exit polls in hand but embargoed until 7 PM Eastern when polls close.

HotAir’s Katherine Ham notes other VA races to watch.

So here we go.  I should be back about 7:05 PM either cheering or hugely hopeful!

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18 Responses to “GOP Wave Of 2014 – Live Blogging”

  1. lurker9876 says:

    While I am hopeful and excited, I remain hesitant and skeptical. Have to see the numbers first to believe the polls.

    Kentucky has already started to count. At one percent, Mitch got 60 percent while Grimes got almost the rest. Will that be a good trend for the remaining counts? Now at 2 percent: 59 – 38. So far good.

    As much as I am unhappy with Mitch (I preferred Bevin), I want Mitch to win only to get the senate majority back. However, I will be very unhappy with them as well as the House GOP establishment. I expect them to fail us even if it means that we will force Reid out of his prestigious role.

  2. lurker9876 says:

    Really? You think Warner will be defeated???

    Fox News is calling this one a close race to watch.

    What if the polls were wrong if the GOP ends up with a huge wave?

  3. lurker9876 says:

    Mitch, Scott, and Haley called.

  4. lurker9876 says:

    I heard reports of long lines at the polling places in Houston!!

  5. lurker9876 says:

    Lindsey Graham called. I am not happy with him but he is a number for the senate majority.

  6. DJStrata says:

    I did not pay attention the races around the country this time. It was definitely a bit weird. But the political junkie is out in full force tonight!

  7. DJStrata says:

    AJ fix your “7:30”

  8. Fai Mao says:

    For what it is worth, it is already Wednesday morning on Guam.

    The Republicans retook the Guam Legislature in the elections yesterday

  9. DJStrata says:

    Warner needs to perform better in certain counties to have a prayer. A lot closer than I expected

  10. DJStrata says:

    For some reason I keep getting kicked out of the comments. I know it’s only 1% voting, but have you seen CT governor race?

  11. DJStrata says:

    We’ll never mind numbers changed by the time I logged back in

  12. DJStrata says:

    Omg look at MD!!!

  13. lurker9876 says:

    Too close to call on VA. Run off?

  14. DJStrata says:

    No run off in VA. Maybe a recount or 2 but no runoffs

  15. DJStrata says:

    Yeah MD!!!!!! Whoop whoop!

  16. Frogg1 says:

    Looks like AJ got this one right.

    This is being called a “wave” for Senate/House; and a “tsunami” for State seats.

    Republican Gains Deep and Wide

    07Nov, 2014
    By Scott Rasmussen


    “Heading into the midterm elections, there were 143 more Republican State Senators than Democrats. By the end of the night, that advantage nearly doubled to at least 257.

    At the State House level, the gains were more dramatic. The GOP now has a 689-seat advantage, an increase of 432 thanks to the ballots cast on Tuesday.

    As a result, at least 10 legislative chambers flipped from Democratic control to the GOP.

  17. Frogg1 says:

    “Maine, Colorado, West Virginia, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Nevada chambers flip to Republican control.”