Aug 06 2014

Obama’s Politically Suicidal Brinkmanship Part III

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As predicted Obama’s unilateral and unconstitutional rampage on liberal policy fantasies (see open borders, government run health care, massive deficit spending, Global Warming scare mongering (without the warming of course)) is creating the expected broad and deep backlash.  In Part I and Part II of this series I predicted the dismissal of due process by our Lame Duck President would not be well accepted – even by the Democrat base.  This is due to the fact that while some Democrats have strong opinions on policy, they have no stomach for throwing out the rule of law to have them enacted.  And also by they fact that many liberal fantasies pretty much suck when they meet reality.

The insane “open borders” fantasy is one such example. The border crisis is sucking limited resources from government programs and away from needy US citizens:

Children housed at Fort Sill and facilities like it have been placed in communities across Oklahoma and across the country with “sponsors.” These sponsors may or may not be family members, and they may or may not be illegal immigrants themselves. Federal officials tell us the sponsors have instructions to bring these children to a future court date for possible deportation. The wait for a court hearing is over a year in Oklahoma. Only about half of these children show up when their court date arrives.

What happens to the rest? They simply disappear. They are absorbed into our public school systems, which are already at capacity and struggling to find the funding and resources required to give our Oklahoma children the education they need and deserve.

Eventually, these children become undocumented adults. Many work; some do not. Some end up in our hospitals or using other state resources where Oklahomans foot the bill.

One in four Oklahoma children struggle with hunger. One in four will drop out of high school before graduating.

There are poor children in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Guymon and McAlester. They need our attention and our help. There are children who will grow up being abused, being lead into drugs, who struggle with poverty, or who will be recruited by violent gangs right here in our home state.

It is wrong for the president to ask Oklahomans to divert their attention and limited resources away from our own children, just as it is wrong for him to ask our military to play host to a large daycare facility for undocumented minors. Oklahomans are not equipped to solve problems in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, just as we are not equipped to end conflicts or suffering in the Ukraine or Libya.

This realization is beginning to sink in across America. And as the party of Big Government, it will be the Democrat base that loses the most, who will have to compete for the federal largess. And so it is no surprise Obama’s support is beginning to erode among what was the hard core base of the Democrats:

As for the politicians measured in the NBC/WSJ poll, President Obama’s overall job rating stands at an all-time low of 40 percent, a one-point drop from June.

That decline comes from slightly lower support from Democrats and African-American respondents. …

H/T Ed Morrissey on finding that little gem from a devastating WSJ/NBC Poll:

Two words sum up the mood of the nation: Fed up.

Six in 10 Americans are dissatisfied with the state of the U.S. economy, more than 70 percent believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, and nearly 80 percent are down on the country’s political system, according to the latest NBC News / Wall Street Journal poll.

This is a downward spiral that is not bottoming out.  President Obama’s unilateral acts are not just disturbing, but inflicting a lot of pain and consternation. I think the biggest hit will come if along with this flood of people comes a spread of illness.  You cannot have this much migration in this manner without a requisite spread in disease. It has nothing to do with foreigners, just mass movement of people from one environment to another. The immigrants are picking up disease in their dangerous travels here, plus they are not accustomed to the illnesses Americans have resistance to. This will create a feeding ground for disease to spread and evolve, which will then come back into the US population as new strains.

Add on this the Ebola scare and you have a recipe for political disaster.  Obama has no clue what he has unleashed. But he and his party will sure reap the rewards.

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  1. oneal lane says:

    Now that Hillary is dumping on him its a real comedy. She was his right hand. Standing proud on her accomplishments as SOS. Now she backs away. Interesting!