Jun 27 2006

Time Warp Problem

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Update: Thanks to LJStrata’s perseverence with our errant ISP we seem to finally be back up again. I have been off my own site for most of the day. Sorry for the inconvenience and maybe now things will get back to normal

Folks, we should have resolved our time warp problem with an old version of the site we put to bed back in August 2005 being presented. One of our readers nailed the problem. Our ISP had accidentally loaded this old version of the site as ‘current’ when moving from one server to another. We have it fixed, but comments from 7:00 AM onward this morning may have been lost – as was our last post which I just reposted below. Thanks for your patience and kind words.


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  1. Karig says:


    I was starting to wonder if somebody had vandalized your site somehow.