Feb 03 2014

Seahawks Rocked The Broncos

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I really, really, really enjoyed the Super Bowl.  And normally a blow-out like we saw last night is boring, but this year there was a lot of emotion and drama in the blow-out, which made it more interesting.

First off, the Broncos where just out-played. The ‘Hawks came hungry. But that is only the tip of the story.

The Broncos were the clearly the favorites of the NFL establishment (including the announcers, etc). It never occurred to them a team of seasoned veterans could be so demolished by a team of younger, low-draft-rounders. I heard it all night, how the ‘Hawks were built around “lesser” talent. And everyone kept waiting for the more seasoned, well known stars to get back in the game.

And the Broncos never could bounce back. This Super Bowl was very much a Cinderella Bowl. A team that had never won the national title, and was coached by a “college coach” who selected less known talent to fill his ranks, won. It was a great David and Goliath battle and that is why, even lopsided, it was a great game. And of course the impact on Manning was the heart -tugger. But Manning was good this season, and he can bounce back if he chooses.

Congratulation to the Seahawks, and may their youth result in many more dominating years ahead!

Now to the half time show: FANTASTIC.  Bruno Mars just hit gold, because he really nailed it with that new sound and look to what I see as the best of Motown.  Just awesome.  And while I like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, their spastic stage antics did not compare well to Bruno Mars’ band. Looks like the next generation in music also gave the ol’ guard a lesson in showmanship as well. And being over 50, it is pretty interesting I found that one of the best half time shows I have seen as far back as I can remember. Surfing the Mars’ offerings as we speak.

As to the Super Bowl Ads: horrible. Some were even disturbing.  Loved the VW ad with wings and rainbows. Some others were good (but not memorable). But I was giving a thumbs down 80% of the time. They were the big losers, probably even worse than the Broncos

Update: Ed Morrissey and others pan the ads as a bore.

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  1. WWS says:

    I cheered for the Seahawks mostly because of Richard Sherman – anyone who can piss off John McCain and the entire City of San Francisco at the same time has got to be worth cheering for!

    Not to mention that a team which depends on it’s defense, rather than it’s offense, to win games is a throwback to the way it was done by the Great Ones of the NFL history – Vince Lombardi, Chuck Noll, George Halas, many others. No school like Old School!

    As far as halftime – the Puppy Bowl has got any of those stage gyrations beat for me, just like last year, and the year before. And come on, who doesn’t love puppies???

  2. ivehadit says:

    AJ, you were right on about everything, imho!