Nov 05 2013

GOP Surprise In VA?

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I have been quietly optimistic Ken Cuccinelli would pull an upset today. McCauliffe is too much the political hack for most people’s taste. Even in Northern Virginia. And Virginia is purple, it stays out of the fringes (e.g., When Dem Chuck Robb beat GOP candidate Olly North).

Some good and bad signs already are appearing in the voting. There are voting machine issues in Loudon County – an area that should swing towards Cuccinelli. At first blush one would assume this bodes badly for the GOP.

But there are long lines in the county as well, and people seem to be pushing through the problem and voting.

Warner from Lovettsville said, “I got to the polls about 6:15 and the parking lot was packed and I go in and there are about hundred people in line and come to find out that the electronic system to validate voters is down.

Paul from Lovettsville agreed telling WMAL, “I’m experiencing the exact same thing he did. I  arrived just before six ‘o’ clock. The great news was that in Loudoun County the lines were packed. People were definitely showing up, but once you got in, there was a connectivity problem.

Contrast that with absentee voting trends:

It’s a tale told by absentee ballots, which can be a good indicator of turnout on Election Day. In Charlottesville, those ballots are pouring in. But in Richmond, a city steeped in politics, things are a bit slower.

“Traditionally the city of Richmond votes heavily in these sorts of things. So far, we are not seeing it,” said Kirk Showalter, Richmond’s voter registrar.

Intensity and determination. If this is on Cucinnelli’s side, then we may be in for a big surprise today.

And I would not be surprised of the ObamaCare debacle is fulling a lot of that intensity.


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  1. gary1son says:

    Turns out the Libertarian candidate is a put-up set-up, it would seem anyway:

    Get the word out to anyone you know voting today, especially those who might be tempted to vote for this ‘libertarian’ candidate!

  2. WWS says:

    I have been wondering how Va. voters could have been going out for such a shameless hack as McCauliffe – one of the worst of the worst of the Clinton cronies.

    Just saw that the biggest financial contributor to the so-called Libertarian in the race is one of Obama’s top campaign cash bundlers.

  3. WWS says:

    You saw that too, Gary. Whoever was sitting on that story put it out a little bit too late – it should have gone out over the weekend to have a real impact.

  4. momdear1 says:

    Looks like they are taking a page out of Clinton’s play book. remember how Ross Perot ran both times to split the anti Clinton votes? Clinton never got more than 43 % of the votes. One of Perot’s friends told me that Perot’s incentive was that he was promised the computer billing contract for Hillarycare if Clinton won. This same informant said that Perot started out as a salesman for IBM back when computers first came out and cost millions and covered a city block. Perot set up one of those computer billing companies that contracted to bill for business that were too small to afford their own computers. Then he managed to get the Medicare billing contract for the whole state of Texas. That is how he became a billionaire. He sucked all that money out of Medicare. Perot’s other incentive was to get even with George Bush for not appointing him to be in charge of organizing raiding teams to go into African countries to Rescue American hostages, like he had done to rescue some of his own people. Wonder what has been promised to this “Pseudo Libertarian” candidate.

  5. ivehadit says:

    AJ and Anybody here do you have a link to the Va sec of state and will that give us up to date voting totals?

  6. ivehadit says:

    Thanks Frogg.

  7. oneal lane says:

    The results are in, Santa Claus wins again! Mexican immigrants wanted the free stuff from the government. Clinton-oid wins in VA.

    Can’t wait, Hillary vs. Christie. Two perfect examples of Narcissistic Personality Disorder on parade.

    God help us, we are in big trouble and it seems that it can only get worse!

  8. Frogg1 says:

    I think VA’s mistake was their closed convention to elect their candidate rather than an actual primary (was Cuccinelli too socially conservative?). That being said, I actually like Cuccinelli. And, when you consider the uphill battle he had…..I think he did extremely well to come so close to victory. He had a 10 to 1 money disadvantage. A third party Obama supported libertarian candidate to beat along with the Dem. An RNC that not only didn’t give him much support; but had party establishments who actively worked against him. Dirty politics (like the robocall the night before). And, inspite of all of that he came closer to victory than Romney in 2012 or McCain in 2008. He also crushed McAuliffe among independents by 9%, 47%-38%. And, even seemed to be winning the war on women bleeding McAuliffe’s lead with women from 24% to 9%.

    The GOP should take note.

  9. Frogg1 says:

    …..Virginia’s state house remained in Republican control. And, they elected a Republican Lt. Gov. Maybe they still want to fight Obamacare?

    I’m just not sure I can understand how America continues to vote for divided government (both nationally and on a state level). I can only conclude that they still don’t know which path they want to take.

  10. DJStrata says:


    The VA GOP have been playing the convention game for years. They go the convention route (instead of a primary) to guarantee that the person they want will be the nominee. Its dirty politics and makes the state party look like a joke. Their dirty politics and good old boy mentality is why I stopped working with them years ago. Its disgusting its why the state has turned such a crazy shade of purple-blue. They shoot themselves in the foot everytime! The VA voters don’t want the hand picked candidate (with the exception of McDonnell) and show that to the GOP every time they play this game.

  11. Frogg1 says:

    Thanks for the clarification, DJ. I was under the impression that VA made a change in how they elect their candidate. Either way, it seems state GOP’s are as big a problem as the national GOP.

  12. Redteam says:

    There was no surprise for the GOP in Va. As usual, in close cases, the people that run the polls wins. Kinda like Franken won in Mn.

  13. Frogg1 says:

    Cuccinelli for Senate?

    Positive development out of Cuccinelli’s near-win in Virginia: US Senate campaign for ’14 arises

  14. Frogg1 says:

    Positive development out of Cuccinelli’s near-win in Virginia: US Senate campaign for ’14 arises