Jun 15 2006

Complete ‘Al Qaeda In Iraq’ Document

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There has been much reporting on the Al Qaeda document outlining the dire straits of Al Qaeda in Iraq. I believe this site has a more complete, if not complete, version of the document in English for those who are interested. I could not help but notice this strategy:

To use the media for spreading an effective and creative image of the resistance.

Yep, even AQ could detect useful idiots when they needed them.  I do have to admit the plans for starting a war between Iran and the US sound like disinformation itself.  I have trouble thinking AQ sees the world this way (Iran and US allies against them).  But then again, AQ is a Sunni driven ideology and Iran is a Shia dominated country.

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  1. How Al Queida planned to overthrow the US in Iraq and how they were to use the “Mainstream” Media to help them…

    Note: AP is reporting that this document came from the “Safe House” that the US Bomed and killed Zarqawi, but Pentagon sources are saying that it came for another safe house that was raided by US Forces several weeks ago. So remember, AP i…

  2. az redneck says:

    Document same as posted on other sites, so its probably complete.
    Great timing for today’s debate in both houses, huh!