Oct 03 2013

Barry’s Shutdown Theater: Starring The Barrycades!

Update: The news about commandeering the graves of our fallen heroes needs to get out and on the evening news!

Major Update: House directs NPS to retain all records on Barrycading America!


Well, if there was any doubt who’s shutdown this really is, and who is putting the screws to the American people, look no further than the fact His Imperialness – Barry I – has commandeered and his holding ransom our war dead all over the globe! He has taken our heroes away from us and will not give them back until His Petulancy gets his way!

Tourists travelling to Omaha Beach to pay their respects to the 9,387 military dead at the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial will find it closed, a victim of the U.S. government’s partial shutdown.

The site overlooking the D-Day invasion beaches is one of 24 U.S. military cemeteries overseas that have closed to visitors since Monday. Ten more cemeteries in in France, as well as others in various European countries as well as Mexico, Panama, Tunisia and the Philippines, will remain closed for the duration of the shutdown.

The cemeteries are maintained by the American Battle Monuments Commission, set up after the First World War. Nearly 125,000 U.S. servicemen and women are buried at its cemeteries, and an additional 94,000 are commemorated on tablets of the missing.

This is what happens when we lose our democracy to self imposed demi-gods.

But while Barry I plays the all-knowing, all-righteous, he forgets that Americans abhor self imposed demi-gods. And worse, there is a clear trail of evidence concerning the White House hand in the Barrycade escapades. This trail of arrogance is something that needs to be exposed and dealt with. Or else these national treasures will be used by political hacks to punish the masses whenever the masses get out of line with the powers that be.

Just look at the list of areas commandeered and shutdown to irritate the public. Places that do not require human supervision on a daily basis, places that are costing the Obama administration tons of money to Barrycade!

  • The National Park Service erected barricades to shut down parking lots surrounding Mount Vernon despite the fact that the tourist destination is privately owned, another example of how the feds are deliberately worsening the government shut down.
  • Numerous hiking and biking trails throughout the greater DC region, despite requiring zero immediate maintenance or patrols, have been closed down. Irate citizens are merely flouting the law and using them anyway.
  • The NPS has stationed officers along the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal that runs 184 miles from Washington, D.C. to Cumberland, Maryland to make sure nobody uses the bike paths. It would have required less manpower to keep this trail open. The handles on all the well pumps have also been removed.
  • The feds also shut down a tiny park in which children play on fake turtles, prompting angry mothers to remove the barriers, only to see them put back up. “The park is extremely small and sort of seems pointless to block off,” reports the Daily Caller.

A tot lot was Barrycaded? Seriously?

His Petulancy orchestrated quite a show here. Barrycades around tot lots and bike paths!

A few legal observations are in order

  • The only expenditures during a shutdown are for protection of life and property – NOT political theater of the irritating kind. Thus guarding tot lots from toddlers is not an allowable expense.
  • Why is the tot lot being guarded and cancer studies being de-funded? Did the same evil genius come up with both Acts of the Shutdown Theater? I see criminal malfeasance and abuse.
  • With all these Barrycades going up, we can be sure there was a ton of pre shut down planning and purchasing. A lot of it. This was planned!

The last bullet is Obama’s biggest mistake. This level of Theater requires lots of logistics and planning to pull off over night. Obama naively assumed the blockades would be blamed on the GOP in Congress, and no one would realize they are an unauthorized expense issued by the Executive branch. Obama is relying on the ignorance of the American people – who rarely appreciate the separations of powers regarding the funding/oversight of Congress and the administration/execution of the Executive Branch.

And of course Obama plans on the News Media to continue the lie for him, failing in their responsibility to report truthfully and accurately. Any journalist who does not point out the separation between funding and execution, and put the Barrycades on the shoulders of the Executive Branch were it belongs, is a charlatan to their trade.

But I digress. The OMB was identified as the brains behind the WWII Memorial Debacle, so they are probably the first place to investigate for all the Shutdown Theater idiocy. They were command center – the conductor if you will.

There will be massive paper trails. There will be meeting notes, expenditures (you think they had all those Barrycades on hand!), authorizations to purchase, charge codes, etc. There will be 100’s of people who were directed to lay out the Barrycades. There will be subcontracts, purchase orders, delivery receipts.

In essence, there will be all the tell tale signs of a premeditated, scripted effort to steal the public lands, our national monuments – and worst of all: our fallen heroes – for the President and Dems to hold hostage and use as pawns.

And if there is not a clear accounting for all this Theater – that would be fraud.

It is time the GOP began investigating because it is all there, with 100’s of people involved.

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3 Responses to “Barry’s Shutdown Theater: Starring The Barrycades!”

  1. gwood says:

    ”Irate citizens are merely flouting the law and using them anyway….”

    Great article AJ, and the above quote from it is perhaps the best development of all.

    Also consider the WW2 vets also threw caution to the wind and defied the feds to enter the DC memorial.

    Has a dam broken? Is this the preference cascade? No consequences will befall the people who defied the feds here, can you imagine the bad optics for Obama that would ensue?

    Americans are law-abiding to a fault, so what we are witnessing here is born of extreme frustration. I’m beginning to feel the left has really stepped in it here.

    Will this lead to people “breaking the barrycades” on Obamacare?

  2. […] As I noted in my previous post, the paper trail here has to be huge (or would be fraudulent use of funds meant for other purposes). There will be massive paper trails. There will be meeting notes, expenditures (you think they had all those Barrycades on hand!), authorizations to purchase, charge codes, etc. There will be 100?s of people who were directed to lay out the Barrycades. There will be subcontracts, purchase orders, delivery receipts. […]

  3. momdear1 says:

    Apparently our President thinks the public is not smart enough to realize that shutting down all these public facilities and exhibits has nothing to do with Congressional actions or inactions. Walking and biking paths, public parks, etc are not affected by a funding shut down. During the last “sequestration” we stopped at a roadside rest area and found the doors to the toilets locked. This guy is so out of his league. Does anyone know if he has sense enough to get in out of the rain or does he have to be told?