Jun 25 2013

My Take On Day 1 Of The Trayvon Martin Case

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Knock, knock….


Is George Zimmerman screwed?



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  1. Neo says:

    Witness Good: “It was a black man with a black hoodie on top ..”

    This couldn’t be Trayvon. It must be his “evil twin” from episode 31

  2. oneal lane says:

    Don’t forget the threats from black leadership and communities across the nation to riot if GZ is acquitted.

  3. Redteam says:

    Let’s see now. Trayvon was on top, attacking in MMA style, didn’t ever see him ‘actually’ hit him. Didn’t see him bang his head on ground, it was dark, couldn’t really see a lot. Somehow, with TM on top GZ’s back of the head got really banged up, didn’t see how that happened. GZ had lumps on back, front, both sides, BUT didn’t really see anyone hit him or bash his head on the concrete. I guess all those injuries was when GZ was using his head as a battering ram against TM, except of course, even with all that damage to himself, he didn’t do any at all to TM, uh, except to the knuckles of TM’s hands. I’ve never seen anyone actually headbutt someone else’s knuckles, but I’m sure it does happen. The prosecution needs to stop this before they get really embarrassed. Every witness they put on helps the defense more than the prosecution.

  4. momdear1 says:

    The thing that shocked me most during this trail was the revelation of the ingrained anti white racism prevalent in the black community. The “xxxxx Azzed cracker” and “Nigga” remarks was shrugged off as being part of black culture. It’s time all these bleeding hearts and black gansta apologizers face up to the fact that they have created a monster, a community of illiterate, low intelligence malcontents who have been taught (even in our public schools) that they are the victims of “white racism” and they are justified in attacking, robbing, raping, beating and killing any white “cracker” deemed to be vulnerable.

  5. raven397 says:

    I say there, old top, what kind of drugs are you hopped up on, to opine that Zimmerman is royally screwed? I note that you have not posted on this trial since 6-25. the testimony of John Good today completely torpedoed the State’s case. Good totally backed up GZ’s story. I note that you never quote Legal Insurrection or Talkleft. How about checking in with them after you get out of detox?

  6. Redteam says:

    Does anyone know when the Prosecution is going to start ‘their’ case? So far, it seems as if they are working for the defense. Every witness so far has verified that TM was on top of GZ. I’m sure that was GZ’s strategy, to bash TM’s knuckles repeatedly with his head until he was able to get his gun out to shoot him. Hitting him with his nose seemed to have been especially effective. It is a good thing Jentel has one more year of school, I understand that is the English year at Miami High Schools.

  7. jan says:

    Not every witness has said that Martin was on top. An earlier woman seemed to think it was Zimmerman who was on top. But, she wasn’t as near to the confrontation as was Good. Also Good apparently was the only witness who actually ventured outside his unit to see what was happening, giving him a better view, IMO. Anyway, the very least that the Good testimony offered was a reasonable doubt to any earlier accounts of who was where during the fight.

    I also thought it ironic how Martin’s attorney, accompanied by the parents, are now saying this isn’t about race, when earlier it seemed to be all about race. One thing for sure is that this trial is bringing race to the forefront, whether people like it or not — including cultural differences, the use of slurs by one ethnic group being ok, while if another says the same thing they are cast as a racist.

  8. mbabbitt says:

    Obviously, the state overcharged. Zimmerman will most probably be acquitted. I have been reading other attorneys and they seem to be appalled that Zimmerman was charged with second degree murder and that this was brought to trial, now that the testimony is in. I also read a cold case detective and he was saying that eyewitnesses never agree fully but that corroborating the general facts in the case is what matters. This trial is a show trial for important people to show how much they hate racism.

  9. dhunter says:

    This is a show trial because the Lyin kING needed something to fire up the black voters in Floriduh when they were getting lethargic as his freebees weren’t materializing as promised.
    Who knows what info the NSA had on the States AG who brought the case. Who knows what the IRS had on same and also on Patraeus, well in this case we do know, Roberts, McStain, Rubio, Christy, Flake, Ryan.
    With the NSA and IRS running interference during an election that had 9 million fewer voters for the lyin kING, Won could say its all political and because of the Race of Office Holder, nothing will be done and the Caucasian Race will soon be an even more targeted Minority! Targeted by the protected classes!

  10. momdear1 says:

    Strata, since you haven’t updated this site lately I’d like to bring to your attention that Obama is over in Africa bragging about how good things are since Mandala and other Communist backed terrorists, now elevated to sainthood, have made things. Then he promises that Us
    Taxpayers are going to build them power plants so they can all have electricity. It seems to me that I remember that before Mgawbe, Mandela and their ilk started killing off all the white people that those countries were able to build their own power plants and infrastructure. Mandela has had control of South Africa for 20 years now and he should have at least kept up what the white government left behind. I’d like to know why Obama isn’t touting wind and solar power for them. Since Obama declared war on coal use in this country, China is over here buying up long term contracts to take all the coal they can get from us. They are also buying up our food preparation companies, getting ready to out maneuver the US by taking our food to feed the Chinese, when the predicted food shortage arrives. .

  11. Redteam says:

    Just watched another day of the trial and my question is: When is this farce gonna end? Is there any chance that the prosecution has a case? So far, every witness has helped the defense. I guess the State wants to appear neutral and so are bending over backward to try to show something, but so far, it has failed miserably for the State. They have no witnesses, no video, no statements, Nothing. It has gone on much too long. Move to dismiss.

  12. dhunter says:

    Its obvious as the sides line up nationwide that this is not about this case for the left, this is about the right to bear arms in self defense. they hate the Stand Your Ground law and the Lyin kING and his Preatorian Guard media decided early on this would be a perfect case to try and gut our second amendment rights and more specifically the Stand Your Ground Law. I guess we should all be prey for predators like Treyvon!

  13. DJStrata says:

    Interesting article dhunter. I hope that the defense is allowed to get evidence of Martin’s lifestyle into this case. It is really hard to get evidence showing the lifestyle, personality, prior behavior of a dead victim into these trials.

  14. jan says:

    Trayvon’s parents should read that American Thinker article posted by dhunter. It would be painful. But, they might at last get an honest appraisal of their son, and stop trying to pin it all on the guy who crossed paths with him that one fateful night.

  15. raven397 says:

    Yo AJStrata, when you going to detail how screwed Zimmerman is, based on your profound legal acumen and boundless logical mind? Or have you been watching a trial in some alternative universe? so far, it appears that the State and its ally, the Black Panthers, are engaged in a low-tech lynching…

  16. oneal lane says:


    GZ might get convicted, but not for reason of guilt. There are a lot of political and social forces at work behind this trial. In spite of the evidence the jury may be pressured to give a guilty verdict. But I think you knew that already. Yes


  17. patrioticduo says:

    Well, it looks like AJ has some ‘splainin’ to do but you should all go easy on him as he is clearly a sharp guy. Here’s where I think AJ got it wrong. Way back, he said something to the effect that a man lying on his back with a pistol holstered on his back would find it impossible to pull it out and shoot someone at close range. AJ also theorized that Zimmerman had a story about the initial “following and encounter” that didn’t add up. As for that, it seems that Zimmerman’s story about the “follow and encounter” is solid enough that it is somewhat irrelevant to the case. As for AJ’s claim that someone can’t pull a pistol from their back holster to then fire it at close range, I think AJ makes the mistake of assuming that the confrontation is largely static. Instead, hand to hand fighting is never a lying prone affair. And it seems to me that the reason why Zimmerman ended up with a large wound on the back of his head was because that was the precise moment that Trayvon had full control of Zimmerman’s head with his two hands while Zimmerman had let go of Trayvon’s arms in order to reach behind his back and squirm his pistol to his front and then fire into Trayvon. Trayvon was in full rage and was pounding Zimmerman’s head into the pavement but Zimmerman squirmed the pistol to his lower abdomen and fired before Trayvon even knew that Zimmerman was armed. That is why Zimmerman only had ONE decent cut/blunt force trauma on the back of his head. And as with most confrontations of this kind, if one of the parties is armed then there are few injuries other than the single deadly gun shot wound. In my opinion, Zimmerman is a nasty man with a viligante attitude but that does not change the fact that he acted in self defense once the hand to hand combat was underway. Once Trayvon was fully on top of him, Zimmerman surely figured he was going to end up knocked unconscious, beaten severely, perhaps even dying at the hands of Trayvon. Trayvon had the physical strength and commanding position. So if I was in the same position, I most likely would have drawn the gun and fired too. My fear now, is that when Zimmerman is acquitted there will be another round of rioting in this country. And quite possibly, there will be some unjustifiable violence randomly applied to totally innocent people. I hope it doesn’t happen but if it does it will only divide us further.

  18. Layman says:

    Today, thanks to the Prosecution, we learned that: Zimmerman’s gun was the lethal weapon, it worked as intended, it produced a bullet hole thru two sweatshirts, and it was fired as close range. Wow! We also learned that TM’s DNA was not on the trigger. Double wow!

    I’ve listened to GZ’s interview with Hannity 3-4 times and all he said it that TM reached for the gun. I can imagine a smudged finger print on the handle, I can see some DNA possibly being on the barrel or holster – maybe. But am I supposed to be shocked that there was no DNA on the trigger?

    If only you could see my “Wow, I’m shocked!” face.

  19. jwb says:


    The only thing lacking in the trial now is that little old lady from the burger commercial: ” Where’s the beef?”