Jun 17 2013

Leaving Our People To Die In Benghazi

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Joe Digenova was on a local DC AM talk show this morning and said something very important about Benghazi and how the Pentagon and White House apparently decided to halt any efforts to provide support to our people being attacked in an unsecured consulate in Benhgazi.

His main point was that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the military, General Martin Denpsey, lied to Congress in recent testimony.

From the story behind the image above:

Army Gen. Martin Dempsey said timing and the need for the unit to help with casualties from Benghazi resulted in orders for the special forces to remain in Tripoli. Four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, died in two separate attacks several hours apart on the night of Sept. 11.

Gregory Hicks, a former diplomat in Tripoli at the time of the attack, told a House panel last month the unit was told to stand down.

Dempsey said that was not the case.

“They weren’t told to stand down. A ‘stand down’ means don’t do anything,” he said. “They were told that the mission they were asked to perform was not in Benghazi, but was at Tripoli airport.”

This is the dumbestĀ  CYA excuse ever muttered, in my opinion. And apparently in the opinion of former US Prosecutor Joe Digenova. We know units were preparing to go to Benghazi and told to stand down from going to Benghazi. Of course that meant ‘staiing’ were they were at the time. Duh!

It has been well established that many forces were in the area and capable of responding and at least ATTEMPTING to save our people. I myself have met someone who was in the area that day. Their unit was not only alerted when the first incidents hit in Egypt earlier in theĀ  day, they were packed and ready to go on a moments notice to support anywhere. Including back support to Tripoli if there was a need to move units from there.

And they too were told to stand down. That is why they unpacked and stowed their gear and went about the rest of their evening.

The problem with Dempsey’s BS is that so many forces were on alert for 9-11, were on alert because of protests in Egypt, were on alert since Tripoli had recently been ‘freed’ and was a major target of Islamo Fascist groups like al Qaeda that there are untold number of ‘witnesses’ to the stand down decision.

I would wager hundreds of people were staged and ready to go that day, and thousands were ready to support their efforts. You don’t just call these resources up by dialing 9-1-1 and they then race out the door like a fire truck company. Military units have plans for getting in, getting to their targets and getting out. Not something you throw together.

So Demspey has a problem. He has thousands of service members who know better. Who know resources were ready to go, and told not to move.

Dempsey basically admitted there was an order to stay in Tripoli and not attempt a rescue in Benghazi. This cover story will not hold.

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3 Responses to “Leaving Our People To Die In Benghazi”

  1. Neo says:

    Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova lost me when they came out for the confirmation of Eric Holder.

  2. Redteam says:

    Neo, I can sympathize with that. But all that aside, there is not really any doubt that the military forces were ready and willing to go to Benghazi. I know that the US Navy has aircraft carriers in the Med, within just minutes of Benghazi. I know what US carriers are capable of and I’m sure at least one carrier was at sea and ready on 9/11/12. It is most likely that Obama ordered the stand down because to have to commit troops would show the utter failure of his actions in Libya and he doesn’t like to have the light of failure focused on him. It meant nothing to him that the US citizens had to die to cover his butt.

  3. Layman says:

    The entire cover-up is designed to mask Obama’s disinterest and incompetence. I’m waiting for a reporter to ask:

    “Mr. President, you have Daily Intelligence Briefings, do you not? In the days leading up to 9/11/2012 were you briefed on the security situation as it relates to the anniversary of 9/11? Did you have any curiosity at all as to how we were going to handle security on such an important date? Were you satisfied with the answers you were given? We know that no special precautions were taken at any of our diplomatic facilities around the Middle East. Did you approve of this situation? If you did, why? If you did not, why didn’t you order stepped up security precautions?”

    Everyone wants to know where Obama was the night of the attack. I’d like to know where he was in the days leading up to the anniversary of 9/11 and the planned, targeted, killing of Americans.