Apr 09 2013

Stumbling, Bumbling Into 2014

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Looks like Team Obama is going to have an Obamacare headache come 2014, thanks in no small part to the fact government solutions are always costly, always delayed and always much less than promised. One thing the left has never realized is that their obsession with government run solutions is their greatest political Achilles’ Heel. Once they get a chance to implement these Rube Goldberg schemes, the reality hits and it hits hard. Obamacare is just the latest, biggest example of government intruding where it can only make things worse.

I mean, the Kool Aid had to be really potent the day they created this plan, and concluded it would reduce cost and increase benefits:

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No surprise, we find out this slow moving disaster is starting to play out – as expected.

Let me try to understand this: the key incentive for small businesses to support Obamacare was that they would be able to shop for the best deals in health care superstores — called exchanges. The Administration has had three years to set up these exchanges. It has failed to do so.

There has also been the studied inattention to the myriad ineffective job-training programs scattered through the bureaucracy. There have been the oblique and belated efforts to reform Head Start, a $7 billion program that a study conducted by its own bureaucracy — the Department of Health and Human Services — has found nearly worthless. The list is endless.

Yes, the President has faced a terrible economic crisis — and he has done well to limit the damage. He has also succeeded in avoiding disasters overseas. But, as a Democrat — as someone who believes in activist government — he has a vested interest in seeing that federal programs actually work efficiently. I don’t see much evidence that this is anywhere near the top of his priorities.

And the Dems are starting to realize they will pay a price:

Delays in implementing popular pieces of ObamaCare are hurting it with Democrats.

Ahead of an election year in which Republicans promise to make healthcare an issue again, Democrats are criticizing the White House for delaying policies that could help build support for the unpopular law.

Democrats complained this week about a one-year delay in a key program designed to help small businesses — a central selling point for the healthcare law that now won’t be in place when voters head to the polls next year.

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) told The New York Timesthe delay will “prolong and exacerbate health care costs that are crippling 29 million small businesses.”

And people wonder why the jobs are drying up? Most entry level jobs are now not even full time, thanks to Obamacare. Young people need to find TWO part time jobs to make ends meet as they begin their career paths. The unemployment rate for the upcoming generation of American workers is criminal:

22.9%: The unemployment rate for Americans under age 25, adjusting for the decline in the labor force since the start of the recession.

Nearly a quarter of this new generation is struggling to start their lives. And all of the blame can be laid at the feet of the administration that blows trillions of dollars a year, racking up mountains of debt, and producing an economic disaster in return. The only thing really mind boggling is any headline that still uses the word ‘unexpectedly‘. Just as I knew the minute the stimulus package was passed in 2009 it would never work (due to the snail’s pace and waste of government spending), I knew when Obamacare was passed it too was doomed from the start.

Here’s my post from Feb 2009 the day the stimulus bill passed:

Spendulus has passed. America as seen the largest theft of money by ideologues in its history. No war ever caused this to happen. And the so called ‘stimulus bill’ has very little real stimulus in it. What there is is not enough to turn the economy around, and the spending doesn’t really kick in until the summer of 2010 – at which time the mood of the country should be just about right to evict the Dems from Congress and repeal this mess before it can do the long term damage the CBO predicts it will do.

Seems like 2014 might be looking like a rerun of 2010 mid terms.  Sadly, it is not because the GOP is doing anything right, but because the Dems keep putting all their bets on big government.


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  1. oneal lane says:

    I am calling for the immediate ban on pressure cookers that can hold more than 10 pints. No-one needs a pressure cooker that can hold more than that. Only the military who cook for large numbers of soldiers should be allowed pressure cookers that can hold more. Pershaps resturants can be granted permits in special circumstances.

    Its criminal that anyone can walk into any Walmart and buy a pressure cooker without any restrictions!

    Please write you congressmen and ask them to ban the private ownership of pressure cookers.

  2. Redteam says:

    Also Oneal, the pressure cookers were carried in backpacks, they should not allow backpacks large enough to carry pressure cookers. Maybe background checks should be required up to that size.

  3. dbostan says:

    As Continetti stated in his Free Beacon article, the Obama second term train wreck just started…

  4. patrioticduo says:

    The Boston Marathon bombing speaks to the underlying truth regarding free society that gun banners deny. That is, a free society relies upon trusting your fellow citizen to be inherently good rather than inherently prone to do harm. The paranoia seen in those who would seek to outlaw owning and bearing arms demonstrates an underlying fear of allowing other citizens to be free to act with civility in our society and that such freedom will generally result in a civil society. Allowing owning and bearing arms to be whittled away means allowing our free society to be undermined by people who are scared of allowing freedom for “others”.