Jun 05 2006

ABCNews: More Arrests Expected In Canada

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Brian Ross is reporting on his blog that more arrests are expected in the Canadian round up of terrorists:

Canadian police tell ABC News more arrests are expected in the crackdown of an alleged terror cell that had allegedly planned to use truck bombs to attack the Canadian Parliament and Toronto’s stock exchange.

“This was a very real plot,” Mike McDonnell, Assistant Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police told ABC News.

“They had the intent, the capability and were simply waiting for the opportunity,” McDonnell said.

Sounds like there are some song birds singing inside the RCMP facilities.  More from a Canadian news outlet:

More arrests are expected on the heels of this weekend’s stunning raids that netted 17 terrorism suspects, including five youths, in the Toronto area, Canada’s senior lawmakers said Sunday.

Despite the arrests, and police assurances that the threat allegedly posed by this group had been “removed,” security officials are still grilling individuals who may be connected, or may have vital information about the alleged plot to bomb targets in Ontario. Reports suggest those targets may have included the Toronto headquarters of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and the CN Tower, as well as Parliament Hill.

“It’s not over,” said Liberal Senator Colin Kenny, who as chair of the Senate’s national security committee, was briefed on the raids. “It’s very much stay tuned.”

OK, you have my attention.  The second link has extensive coverage of up to the date details (H/T Neale News).

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2 Responses to “ABCNews: More Arrests Expected In Canada”

  1. crosspatch says:

    I wish our news media would shut their traps. If our government has a handle on some other terrorists, I fail to see what service it is providing to the community for them to blab about it and tip off the bad guys.

    I just heard a report on my way home from work on CBS radio that many terrorists that had been due to ship out to Iraq for splodey duty have been told to stand fast here and in europe and be prepared for “local operations”. Now the only thing reporting that can do is make people anxious and tip off the terrorists that we are onto them.

  2. smh1012 says:

    Crosspatch: Under Clinton there was a “state of panic” that his administration subjected us to. Every time the Clintons would get into a jam, they would conveniently invent some issue that would stir the pot. With the help of the 24 hr. CNN cronies, his administration was able to control all facets of the media with the exception of talk radio and a few weekly magazines.

    I suppose sensationalism sells and that is a tragedy especially when we now have a President who understands that silence is golden when it comes to our National Security.

    You can bet that if the raid in London this past weekend was due to “faulty intelligence”, we will hear more about that than the success in Canada, not that I think we should be hearing details of either..let the individuals who work tirelessly to protect us do their job. Most of us wanting to remain safe would be happy with ignorance.