Jun 05 2006

Watch Illegals

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Drudge has had up an item that says “WATCH ILLEGALS CROSSING LIVE ON WEB…” which keeps reminding me of when Congress installed cameras and gave us CSPAN.  With all the corruption between McKinney, William Jefferson, taking free trips, Randy ‘Duke’ Cunningham, Robert Torricelli, Clinton-Monica, etc. we have had ‘illegals’ on parade for a while now.

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  1. The Macker says:

    And to continue the “illegal” analogy, Cynthia McKinney refused to show her ID. The guards were expected to take her word for her identity.

  2. sbd says:

    Wait, I got one for you

    A Newsom-Pelosi-Lennar connection?

    Ever since Lennar/BVHP, a subsidiary of the nation’s largest homebuilder, was designated Master Developer for the Hunters Point Shipyard by the San Francisco Redevelopment Commission, they’ve been dying to get started on the extremely profitable project of building 1,600 new homes right next to the Shipyard’s radioactive, toxic Parcel E landfill, one of the most contaminated sites in the country. And Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has been leading the charge to make it happen.

    When Lennar first got the nod, Willie Brown was mayor, and San Franciscans learned that he had once had a business relationship with Lennar. What about Mayor Gavin Newsom?

    Triumphantly, Mayor Newsom announced upon his return from a meeting in Washington with Pelosi in late March, “For the first time, we have the Navy’s signature on an agreement that ensures the conveyance will begin shortly,” according to the April 1 Chronicle (“Navy signs binding pact on first parts of shipyard”). Newsom was speaking of the conveyance of Parcel A, the part of the Shipyard where the new homes are planned, from the Navy to the City.

    To make it happen, Congresswoman Pelosi, the Democratic “whip” in Congress, had had to call in the ranking Democrat on the House minority appropriations subcommittee, described by the Chronicle as “a big gun,” because the Navy had been “having doubts about going ahead” with the transfer. “‘I have been working on this agreement for more than a decade, and I am proud we are near our goal,’ Pelosi said in a statement” made after the Navy signed off, the Chronicle reported.

    Could Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom have a personal interest in seeing Lennar succeed? Bay View Hunters Point activists noticed recently that a man named Laurence Pelosi was until very recently the senior vice president of Lennar Communities, another Lennar subsidiary and a component of Lennar/BVHP. Laurence Pelosi was the treasurer for Gavin Newsom’s campaign for mayor last year. He is described in the press as Newsom’s cousin, while Nancy Pelosi is related to Newsom through his aunt.


  3. sbd says:

    Let’s not forget Murtha and Abscam.


    But, a videotape of a Jan. 7, 1980 Abscam-related meeting involving Murtha shows that the congressman’s rejection of the offered bribe was less than definite. “I’m not interested. I’m sorry,” Murtha told the FBI agent, but added that he meant “at this point. See Video.

    “You know, we do business for a while, maybe I’ll be interested, maybe I won’t,” Murtha said on the FBI videotape.

    The congressman told the undercover FBI agent that he was a member of the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct and acknowledged: “If you get into heat with politicians, there’s no amount of money that can help.”


  4. crosspatch says:

    Here’s a thought:

    Go to the polls this fall and refuse to show ID
    If the poll workers refuse to let you vote, tell them all the other polling places did!

  5. MerlinOS2 says:

    Can’t wait for all the dual votes in for example New Orleans and Dallas, oooh so much fun. Sorta like dual citizienship.